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This wacky bicycle has TEN wheels! Watch it work in this Outrageous Acts of Science exclusive

Jason and his ten-wheeled bicycle on Outrageous Acts of Science
Jason and his ten-wheeled bicycle as featured on Outrageous Acts of Science

On tonight’s Outrageous Acts of Science, we meet wacky welder Jason who stops traffic with his custom bicycle — which has TEN wheels.

Forget bicycles and tricycles, Jason’s bike — which he dubs “The Awesome Cycle” — is a decacycle.

Showing off his gobsmacking high-rise vehicle in our exclusive clip below, Jason jokes: “I need more wheels!”

The wheels of the bike while it's being ridden
The wheels of the bike while it’s being ridden, with Jason 10ft up
Jason has figured out how to successfully mount and ride the bike without injury

Jason constructed his unlikely vehicle from five regular bikes. As well as the functional wheels, it also features decorative ones that are locked against those that work to give the illusion they are all working in concert together.

Because he is 10ft off the ground, Jason must keep moving or risk falling over. In the clip he shows us the secret to mounting the bike is to have some momentum to keep it going.

We also learn just how it all works.

Jason stands proudly in front of his decacycle, after demonstrating it actually works

Tonight’s Outrageous Acts of Science centers on a “carnage countdown” which includes the world’s biggest firework, a giant fire tornado, and a watermelon-destroying vacuum cannon.

Each episode counts down twenty viral clips of incredible inventions while a team of real-life scientists dissects the how, what and why of the creation and the engineering and viability of each invention.

Outrageous Acts of Science airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Science Channel

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