This is what Lockjaw, the giant bulldog from Marvel’s Inhumans, looks like in real life

Lockjaw from Marvel's Inhumans
Lockjaw in his finished form with Isabelle Cornish as Crystal on Marvel’s Inhumans

While the debut of Marvel’s Inhumans may have been badly panned by critics, most agreed there was one redeeming feature — Lockjaw, the adorable giant teleporting bulldog.

Granted, it would be hard NOT to love anything described which was described using any combination of the words “teleporting”, “giant” and “bulldog”.

But bringing the adorableness to life without making it look ridiculous is no mean feat, something the Inhumans creators succeeded in doing with flying colors.

Lockjaw on a Marvel's Inhumans poster
One of the posters for Marvel’s Inhumans showing Lockjaw in all his glory

Lockjaw, an Inhuman dog, weighs in at 2,000lb and stands 6ft tall. He originated in the Marvel comics as the loyal protector of the Inhuman Royal Family, first appearing in Fantastic Four #45 in December 1965.

In 2009, he went on to have his own four-issue comic book series, Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers.

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers comic book cover
The cover of one of the Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers comics

He’s also been depicted on screen before…

Lockjaw in Avengers Assemble: Ultron Revolution
Lockjaw in an episode of the animated Avengers Assemble: Ultron Revolution

But to the actors on the set of Marvel’s Inhumans, he was…a 6ft blue foam “stuffy”. Basically a bit of foam in (kind of) the shape of the dog.

Isabelle Cornish and the blue 'stuffy' Lockjaw on set
Isabelle Cornish on set with the blue foam stuffy which was later turned into Lockjaw

In post-production he was turned spectacularly into a 100 per cent CGI big bundle of fur-covered fun with a sprinkling of visual effects magic — ie hours upon hours of endless hard work — by VFX firm Double Negative.

Lockjaw playing on Marvel's Inhumans
An excited and playful Lockjaw during one of the scenes on Marvel’s Inhumans
Lockjaw and Black Bolt
Lockjaw in the street with Anson Mount’s character Black Bolt


Marvel’s Inhumans airs Fridays at 9/8c on ABC.

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