This E-Trade dog commercial for 2018 shows pets living better lives than you

E*TRADE commercial
This E-TRADE commercial reveals that there are dogs that are living a better life than you. Pic credit: E-TRADE/YouTube

E-Trade has released a brand new commercial, showing the glamorous life of some amazing dogs. The commercial is titled Bow Wow Wow and shows dogs in various, rather envious, situations, including cruising in a boat down in what appears to be southern Europe, dining at a luxurious Parisian cafe, and going to the salon and getting a blowout.

The commercial also shows little pooches shopping at a luxury handbag store, and even hiding out in the expensive handbags. The commercial then cuts to a dog getting pampered at the spa with a massage, and two dogs dining in a marina with a yacht slowly sailing by packed with poodles.

The message? There are dogs with better lives than you.

The solution? Don’t get mad – get E-Trade. Rather than getting jealous, the message is to do something about it. And E-Trade believes to have the solution.

E-Trade is a financial services company that allows you to invest online. The company caters to both individuals and institutions looking to make easy investments through their electronic trading platform. These investments include stocks, futures, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, and more.

The E-Trade website explains the company is on a mission to make investments simple and easy. The company even provides online tools for those new to investing to make it easier to get started – and to start living like those dogs in the commercial. Because really – who wouldn’t want to go to the spa without a worry, dine in Paris, and sail on a yacht somewhere in southern Europe?

The new commercial is definitely memorable, as it captures a dog-loving audience that has big financial dreams.

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