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Things you need to know about Troy Landry ahead of new Swamp Mysteries in June

Troy Landry
Troy stars in a new Swamp People spinoff this summer

Swamp People is one of History’s biggest shows, with a cast of characters that fans love. The patriarch and big Kahuna of the series, Troy Landry, is the star of a new Swamp People spinoff, Swamp Mysteries with Troy Landry, that will take Landry on an expedition of sorts as he helps people in the southern USA fight off their local legendary beasties and fanged menaces.

The series will air in six episodes beginning June 7th.

Of note, American alligators are multiplying like crazy and it’s a real problem.  This was reported on by major news outlets yesterday as mating season has brought an unusual number of huge over 11-foot alligators out of the shadows and into people’s driveways and front yards! The problem is from coastal Texas through Florida and up into Georgia and even parts of the Carolinas.

There are some things newcomers need to know about the “King of the Swamp” Troy Landry.

Landry relies on lucky donuts

Lucky donuts are a Troy Landry tradition

Troy Landry has a ritual, he loves a special donut and swears by them for catching the biggest gators. He makes sure they get these sugary gator donuts ahead of every hunting season.  Will he carry over this carbohydrate tradition as he hunt’s America’s most feral beasts?

Troy Landry will hunt regional beasts

A giant Gar-one Troy will hunt is double this size!

On the new series, Landry heads to Mississippi to hunt “El Diablo,” a gator that is causing mayhem. In 2017, a trapper was caught by a big Mississippi gator and lived to tell the tale. The gator is still MIA.

In Louisiana, he is on the hunt for “Garzilla,” a garfish so big it is rumored to eat people. A gar is a fish

In Texas, the feral hog situation is so bad AK-47’s are used to take down these upwards of 1000 pound toothy maulers.

In Louisiana, it’s not just gators but the dreaded Bull Sharks that can go up rivers. Bull Sharks are the culprits for some of the most deadly shark attacks in American history.

In the Sunshine state of Florida, there are wild pythons so big and strong they are fighting big alligators and are a total menace to the people who in and around this large national park filled with predators.

Why Troy Landry?

Troy Landry
Troy is a natural leader

Fans know that Swamp People star Troy Landry has an uncanny sense of how to hunt for the big predators. In his experience on the show and how he has mentored his kin, Chase and Jacob as well as nephew Holden, or “Holey”, Landry has shown a sixth sense in spotting prey and safely snaring them for the kill.  The past season of Swamp People saw Troy as the defacto head of the Cajun Cartel that saw all the Swamp People heads of families join together to preserve and protect their income stream from a depressed market that slashed rates for their gator hauls.

What will Troy do on the new show?

Troy Landry
Landry will be scouting and hunting the most fearsome beasts on Swamp Mysteries

Landry is slated to help and aid in tackling the threat posed by these regional fearsome predators and animals as he learns exactly what it is they are fighting, and the lore and the truth behind them. He and his team will examine the horror and the havoc they can wreak on the environment, property and how their hunting patterns and predatory ways are threatening humans.

Swamp Mysteries with Troy Landry airs Thursdays beginning on June 7 at 10PM ET/PT on History

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