Theresa reads for Marine who lost a buddy in Iraq and Victoria drops a bombshell on Long Island Medium

Victoria has some news that even Theresa did not see coming

This week on Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo psychic tries her skills with triplets, channels for a Marine vet who lost people during his service in Iraq and gets a bombshell from Victoria.

Theresa heads to the local diner to catch up with her daughter Victoria and they start off by comparing nail length. Theresa makes a remark about not getting fresh with her even if she is a college girl now. This leads to Victoria’s revelation about school.

Dad and mom are looking pretty shocked
Dad and mom are looking pretty shocked

They wonder if she has gotten a scholarship or is graduating early, but she tells them she is graduating herself…out!

Theresa holds her head in her hands and says: “Let me just process three years of tutition.”

We’d guess this is not the end of this drama!

An emotional reading as Theresa seems to channel a lost Marine buddy
An emotional reading as Theresa seems to channel a lost Marine buddy

Meantime, the straight talking psychic talks to a Marine vet who is traumatised still by the loss of men in his company during the Iraq war. She seems to contact a radio operator who was one of the first Marine killed, she even identifies that he died from a bullet wound to his throat. There are emotional scenes as the Marine breaks down but Theresa has some words of comfort for him.

Also on this episode, Theresa reads for teen triplets who have had a terrible loss.

You can also catch Theresa live at one of her show during her Spring Tour, which is currently running across the U.S.

Long Island Medium airs on Sundays at 8:00 PM on TLC.

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