The Walking Dead: Watch the opening minutes of Season 11C as Judith gives a speech

Cailey Fleming stars as Judith Grimes in Season 11C of AMC's The Walking Dead
Cailey Fleming stars as Judith Grimes in Season 11C of The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC/Jace Downs

With the final installment of Season 11 of The Walking Dead fast approaching, viewers are eager to find out more about how the last eight episodes will pan out.

Season 11B closed with the Commonwealth taking control of all the smaller communities such as Hilltop and Alexandria, which are now deserted, and Oceanside, which had its members forcibly taken over.

The Commonwealth storyline will continue as Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) and a devout group defect from the larger community — not that Maggie had ever joined them in the first place.

Along with this, fans already know that Maggie and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will survive and branch out into a new spinoff series called The Walking Dead: Dead City.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) will also get his very own show after The Walking Dead concludes. He will be heading overseas to France where he will investigate the faster, smarter zombies hinted at in the Season 2 finale of The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

So, what will happen in the very next episode?

Opening minutes of Episode 17 of The Walking Dead released

A new teaser has been released by AMC, according to Comic Book, that shows the first few opening minutes of Episode 17 of The Walking Dead Season 11C.

The clip opens with Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming) discussing the original outbreak.

“I’ve heard a lot of stories about when the world fell. There were more dead than the living, and it started to look like the world would go cold,” Judith says.

“There were more dead than living and it started to look like the world would go cold. It felt like it was almost there. Almost.”

While Judith is talking, a variety of images from The Walking Dead play out.

Most notably, images from the start of the series feature Judith’s dad, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who is currently missing and presumed dead by his community. Although, fans know that he survived and will star in yet another spinoff series that will also feature Michonne (Danai Gurira).

Judith then goes on to discuss how some people survived by being good, while others took a much darker path in order to survive. While she speaks, various villains of The Walking Dead are shown, ending with Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton), who is a high-ranking member of the Commonwealth.

Lauren Cohan stars as Maggie Rhee in Episode 17 of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 11
Lauren Cohan stars as Maggie Rhee in Episode 17 of The Walking Dead Season 11. Pic credit: AMC/Jace Downs

Maggie and Daryl are being pursued by Lance Hornsby

The clip then brings viewers into the present day for The Walking Dead, with Daryl and Maggie battling the undead.

It is revealed that they are trying to escape the clutches of Lance Hornsby, who is outside with a group of the Commonwealth army.

The teaser closes with someone approaching the room Daryl and Maggie are in and the pair scramble to hide and get ready for the next attack. As to what happens next, though, remains to be seen and fans will have to tune in on Sunday night in order to find out more.

Season 11C of The Walking Dead will premiere on October 2, 2022.

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