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The Walking Dead spoilers: Time for Negan, Alpha meeting in new episode

Negan And Beta
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Ryan Hurst as Beta on The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 6. Pic credit: Jace Downs/AMC

The Walking Dead spoilers for Season 10, Episode 6 come from the new episode that will air Sunday night on AMC. The sixth episode of the season is called Bonds and it may come off as filler for a lot of viewers.

With just three episodes until the winter hiatus for the show, this is about the time where the story starts building toward something. That’s exactly what will happen during Bonds. as Negan interacts with the Whisperers.

As a reminder, the last episode of the show ended with Brandon killing the family Negan had rescued. It flips a switch in Negan, who retries his jacket and the new Lucille before seeking out the Whisperers in the woods. He comes across Beta right before the closing credits hit the screen.

Now it is time to explore what takes place with Negan and the Whisperers, which is a shift from how the storytelling has gone this season. Rather than jump to something else, viewers get to see how this interaction plays out.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Season 10, Episode 6

Reading about the new episode won’t do it justice, as Negan is in rare form with his quips, one-liners, and unique ways of addressing tense situations. Because of all that, fans should definitely tune in.

As a warning, though, not much happens during Bonds, and it is definitely intended to be a building block for what comes next in Season 10. For fans of Negan, this episode is going to be a treat with all of the scenes he gets.

Beta takes Negan to Alpha, puts him through odd hazing-type tasks, and looks down on the character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan for most of the episode. After all that, though, Negan pledges himself to Alpha by the end of the episode.

Elsewhere during the new episode, Daryl and Carol head out to find Negan. At least that’s what Carol tells him. In reality, she is trying to figure out how the Whisperers are directing the walkers in an effort to put a stop to the constant attacks on their communities.

Daryl isn’t pleased that Carol lied to him again, but he goes along with it, which seems to be something he does a lot now. They eventually come across groups of walkers led by Whisperers, they fight some, and Carol takes a hostage that she plans to interrogate.

Back at Hilltop, Eugene is going to have some scenes on the radio with a mystery woman. The woman on the other end of the line doesn’t reveal who she is, but she strikes up some interesting conversation with the lonely Eugene.

There are some other character interactions during the episode, but the most important storylines are Negan with the Whisperers and the duo of Daryl and Carol wandering the woods again.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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