The Umbrella Academy shows Elliot Page’s heartwarming transition to Viktor

Elliot Page as Viktor Hargreeves
Viktor Hargreeves transition on The Umbrella Academy was simple and wholesome. Pic credit: Netflix/YouTube

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Season 3.

When Elliot Page announced his name change and transition, fans weren’t sure how his character would develop on The Umbrella Academy.

As Season 3 wrapped up, fans learned Vanya would start going by Viktor, but still didn’t have the answers about how this would play out in the Umbrella universe.

Vanya’s transition to Viktor was taken in stride and done in a simple and wholesome way, simply allowing Viktor to be transgender and finally embrace himself.

Viktor Hargreeves is allowed to simply be transgender

As the Umbrella crew tries to settle into life at Hotel Obsidion, many of them are still haunted by their previous lives in 1963, mainly Allison and Viktor.

As Viktor finishes looking through a book showing their involvement with the Kennedy assassination and thinking of Sissy, he sees a poster advertising men’s haircuts and steps into the barbershop.

He comes out with his new haircut and reintroduces himself to his siblings, who take it all in stride. They compliment his new hairstyle and welcome him in as their brother.

Viktor has finally realized who he wants to be and who he really is, and credits the realization to Sissy, who helped him truly feel loved and at home in his own skin.

Viktor is seen a handful of times talking to his siblings and explaining how he used to not like his reflection and feels much better now, a sentiment that Elliot Page himself has shared regarding his transition.

While Viktor is allowed to simply exist as he is in TUA, viewers also get to see some incredibly touching moments with his brothers.

Viktor Hargreeves shares touching moments with his brothers

The Umbrella siblings rarely get along, and oftentimes, the boys are seen arguing amongst themselves whenever they’re all together. However, they made a general exception when it came to Viktor.

Five and Diego are the first to know about Viktor’s new look and name and they take it in stride, easily adding it into their vocabulary. Luther doesn’t find out until later as he was being held hostage by the Sparrows but was over the moon when he found out.

Luther not only compliments Viktor’s new hair but even wanted to throw a little party to celebrate Viktor being his true self. Diego expressed his support as well, letting his brother know he was happy for him.

Klaus was also a bit late to a lot of changes due to spending time with this universe’s Reginald but was equally as thrilled and happy for Viktor.

Toward the end, another touching moment comes when Luther humbly asks Viktor if he would be the best man at his wedding. Of course, Viktor agrees.

Though sometimes the Umbrella crew loses the importance of family, they held it together for Viktor.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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