The Tick Season 2 premiere recap: ‘Lesson One: Think Quick!’

The Tick season 2 premiere recap: Lesson One: Think Quick!
The Tick is back with Arthur for a second season. Pic credit: Amazon Prime

The Tick Season 2 started up right after the first season ended. The Terror was defeated and the entire city now knows about The Tick and Arthur. It is time for the heroes to start their next chapter.

The Tick Season 2 premiere opened with Arthur sleeping but dreaming of flying as his moth-like character. When he wakes up, he sees The Tick in the kitchen, and the superhero starts monologuing until Arthur stops him and says that he is in and wants to be a hero.

The Tick gets excited and flicks Arthur, knocking him across the room. It is part of their training.

Oh, and The Tick is molting, which gives him a sleek new costume and parts of his old armor lying around everywhere.

However, what The Tick doesn’t understand is why Arthur wants to go back to work. When Arthur says he needs to make money, The Tick says money is just paper. However, when Arthur tells him that without money he can’t buy coffee, The Tick relents.

Before Arthur can leave for work, though, Overkill shows up and wants The Tick to go back on the code and let him go back to killing because that is all he knows. The Tick refuses.

This is when Arthur gets a call from Dangerboat, who wants Arthur to come over to watch Princess Bride with him and then a call from Arthur’s mom Joan to come over for dinner.

Arthur leaves for work and sees Tinfoil Kevin looking into the sky with binoculars. He saw a drone earlier and knows that they are being watched.

When Arthur gets to work his boss seems surprised. He is then told that he can’t continue to work there if he wants to be a superhero so Arthur quits.

Meanwhile, Dot is at the coffee shop and has a premonition that a man would trip over a briefcase and spill his coffee on a baby. This causes her to slap his coffee out of his hands before it happens, making her look crazy.

She goes over to talk to Arthur and ends up talking to The Tick instead. When Arthur flies home from work (he smashes into the window of his apartment instead of landing) he comes in and The Tick is excited and tells them they need to go on patrol.

Dot wants to tell Arthur what happens but doesn’t get the chance. She does tell him that she is happy he is a superhero and there is something special out there for him.

Nothing happens on their patrol so The Tick and Authur head to the bank to cash his last paycheck. That is when some armed robbers show up with a supervillain helping them. The villain is a lobster-type character and is as strong as The Tick.

It escapes into the sewers and Tick and Arthur gives chase.

When Dot gets home with a lot of beer, she sees that Overkill is there. They are both depressed — her because she has some new powers and wants to help and him because he can’t kill anymore. He has a giant bottle of liquor so they get drunk and feel sorry for themselves.

When Tick and Arthur get back home (they stood up Arthur’s mom), they find a man in their apartment.

It is Agent Tyrannosaurus Rathbone and he tells them that he is reopening the legendary AEGIS government agency because, without The Terror, there will be many new villains coming into town.

He offers The Tick and Arthur a spot on the new team he is starting, gives them his card and leaves.

While The Tick is not sure about this, Arthur says that this means they finally made it.

The Tick Season 2 streams live on Amazon Prime.

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