The Sinner Season 3: When we can expect news and release date

The Sinner
Is The Sinner coming back for Season 3? Pic credit: USA Network

The Sinner appeared to blow away audiences and critics with the first two seasons, putting the pressure on the USA Network to explore the third season.

While the network has not confirmed the third season just yet, the growing audience and the impressive list of award nominations could be reason enough to move ahead.

Not to mention, The Sinner fans appear to want more.

If the network decides to go ahead, we can probably expect a premiere date around August 2019. The first season premiered on August 2, 2017, while the second season premiered on the network on August 1, 2018.

Both seasons aired for eight weeks, wrapping up in September of that same respective year.

Another reason why The Sinner may come back for a third season is that Harry Ambrose’s storyline continued to unfold in Season 2, leaving plenty of questions to be answered.

Ambrose, played by Bill Pullman, tried to dig deep to learn the truth about Cora Tanetti’s decision to stab a man on a beach, completely unprovoked during the show’s first season.

The second season didn’t include Cora’s story, but Ambrose’s personal life started to show. And it’s clear that his own dark childhood could be a whole season in itself.

As for Pullman, he’s interested in returning for the show’s possible third season, telling Variety that he has also talked to showrunner Derek Simonds about ideas.

“Derek and I have talked about different things that he’s thinking about, and he does have a kind of trilogy idea so far, and the idea of going to a third season would be very tempting, particularly with what scale he’s talking about going to. I would be interested, for sure,” Pullman revealed.

Jessica Biel’s character of Cora ended up getting two years in a psychiatric facility instead of 30 years behind bars. That could open up for her return, but it simply didn’t fit with the second season.

Biel has previously revealed that there was talk about Cora coming back, but it simply didn’t make sense of the direction of the show.

So, where does that leave us? If the show is coming back for the third season and wants to stay on track with an August premiere date, then the show would soon be confirmed and will soon start filming. Our ears and eyes are open and waiting.

The Sinner Season 3 has yet to be announced but fans are eagerly anticipating news that the series has been renewed. 

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