The Real rewind: Jeannie Mai defines sapiosexual and Loni Love nearly spills her tea

Loni Love on The Real
This is when we wish we were a fly on the wall of Loni’s brain. Tea spilling time! Pic credit: The Real

Jeannie Mai turned some heads and nearly made Loni Love sputter in her tea as she confessed to her fellow hosts she was a stone cold sapiosexual.

On Tuesday, July 9, the hosts of The Real speculated that the women who brought their brand of crazy to the bedroom might be worth all the baggage, and they also discussed if being in love makes the happy couple pile on the pounds.

Love is supposed to be blind. But The Real’s Love – Loni that is – has 20/20 vision and is all ears on this bananas conversation.

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The ladies weigh in with their opinions and personal experiences on the folklore. Myths, rumors and suppositions were all the subject du jour, but the hosts gave the audience a new word for their vocabulary: Sapiosexual.

What is a sapiosexual?

Emmy Award-winning hosts, Adrienne Houghton, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley all agreed once it was defined, that they were sapiosexuals too!  It’s desiring a smart person, especially a witty and bright conversationalist.

Jeannie Mai broke the ice and claimed she was a sapiosexual, and when it comes to pillow talk the brainier the better.

Later, Adrienne Houghton compared notes with her co-hosts about what kind of sex deserves a tear to be shed.

The conversation was hilarious.

Jeannie said: “I’m a sapiosexual, you know. I’m aroused…”

[Watch her tea in the clip] Loni Love sputtered: “What that? What that?”

Confused, Tamera Mowry-Housley said: “What does that mean?”

Adrienne Houghton knew: “The mind.”

Jeannie clarified: “A sapiosexual is someone who gets aroused by intelligence and stimulating conversation.” [Cut to nodding heads] “You know what I’m saying? Yeah!”

Tamera was on board: “Oh! Then I’m a sapiosexual!”

Not missing a beat, Loni added: “I don’t want no scrubs, either.”

Deflating Jeannie’s balloon a bit, Adrienne added: “It sounds real fancy, but most people are.”

Disagreeing, Jeannie held firm as Loni agreed with her: “No. Some people are really, really attracted to looks first, or money, or things like that…it’s all about conversation. So, pillow talk can really make it for me.”

Tamera wanted examples.

Keeping up her sapiosexual freak flag, Jeannie said: “Yeah, yeah, so, okay. Okay, okay. Real talk? Okay, I’ve shared this with you before. My pillow talk… I’ll give you a good example and a bad example. I know today when I, when I meet men and I have pillow talk… If it’s stimulating, if we’re talking about dreams, goals, questions that you want answered in the world…I like talking about, I like talking about world change. I like talking about things that you want to do in your community…Like things you’ve done that…”

The girls fall out at this point. Tamera chimed in: “Sexy.”

Loni quipped: “The trade deficit.”

Jeannie kept on. She said:  “Or, no, no, no, or somebody that you’ve helped. Somebody that you recently helped. Like if I hear of somebody that you’ve personally helped in your life, that turns me on. If I hear about your family situations and what you’re doing to play a role in your family to help change, that turns me on. Um, if you don’t care and you’re talking about things like, um… If you’re gossiping the whole time. If you’re complaining during pillow talk…”

Bringing up the point that some pillow talk is a buzz kill, Loni said: “You bringing up old people, old relationships.”

Jeannie agreed. “Yes! Girlfriends. If your pillow talk is blah, or if you just roll over and sleep, yo, everything dries up.”

Maybe too much information.

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Jeannie Defines Sapiosexuality

The Kind of Sex Adrienne Sheds a Tear Over

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