The Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion Part 2: The Karen says everybody in Potomac is having sex with somebody edition

The Real Housewives of Potomac dropped lots of truth bombs during Part 2 of the reunion

Part 2 of the season reunion of The Real Housewives of Potomac begins with Robyn’s “hot mic” incident, where she says she would have kicked Ashley’s a** if there hadn’t been cameras at the party.

Robyn, oblivious to the recording, mutters about how Juan is from the hood, and Ashley better watch herself. Good Lord.

Meanwhile, the husbands are getting ready to take the stage, and none of them look excited about it.

Juan tells host Andy Cohen that he’s reluctant to participate in the show for professional reasons, but he wants to be there to support Robyn.

Andy asks Juan about the scene where he got hot mic’d in his house, saying he was only with Robyn for the kids.

“Those comments that I made. Maybe I was upset. Maybe I didn’t want to film that day,” Juan says.

Which explains exactly nothing.

Does he sound like a bratty tween to anybody else? #CallItLikeIHearIt

“Do you see a romantic future with Robyn?” Andy presses him.

“We are comfortable where we are right now,” Juan says.

Juan says that he and Robyn aren’t in a hurry, but nobody has told Robyn that

Obviously, he didn’t watch the show. Robyn wants a relationship. With SOMEBODY.

Juan says he doesn’t know what it would take to rebuild their relationship.

“Do you still carry guilt for cheating?” Andy asks.

“I’m not going to let you paint the picture like it was all on Juan Dixon. Both of us was in that marriage. There are two sides of every story,” Juan says, sorta throwing Robyn under the bus, and making us wonder what SHE did that we don’t know about.

Oh Robyn, run, girl. Run!!! This man does not deserve you.

This is a case of fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me. Next time, it’s going to be your own fault.

He says they’ve both learned from their own mistakes.

Juan doesn’t care what the viewers think, or at least he doesn’t answer their questions that Andy pitches at him.

Robyn excuses his lack of commitment by saying they’re “not in a rush.”

Monique asks Robyn what will happen to her when her kids go away to college. I feel like the question comes from a place of genuine concern.

Monique shows genuine concern for Robyn’s long term mental health in her non-marriage

Robyn say it’s important for young black boys to be in a two-parent household. Hard to argue that.

I’d argue that it’s important to be in a two-parent household where the parents are happy and communicating with each other. And that’s not going on the Dixon home.

Andy lets Juan off the hook pretty easily because it’s clear he’s not going to answer anything that actually tells us what’s going on.

He’s also not willing to commit to Robyn on camera. It’s so sad.

Ray is as charming as always, getting Karen’s back 100 percent.

Ray says there was nothing secret about their move. Their house had been on the market for more than a year.

Andy tells Ray that Charrisse called him “the broke Black Bill Gates.”

He says he’s just fine, financially and that he hasn’t been broke since he moved out of the projects when he was 17.

Charrisse backs it up and says she was comparing his wealth to that of Bill Gates. Mmmhmmm.

Andy tries to stir the pot between Gizelle and Ray, but Ray isn’t having it.

Ray says he looked at the Uncle Ben’s rice package and decided the comparison from Gizelle wasn’t an insult. Dude is hilarious!

Andy asks Monique’s husband Chris about the now-famous episode with his mother talking smack about Monique while she was their guest for the day.

Chris says his mom has apologized to him, but not to Monique. He’s got his wife’s back.

Monique says her mother in law has always whispered about them, but this is the first time she got caught on a microphone saying such despicable things.

Ashley and Michael have separated!

“Michael and I decided to part ways and live separately,” Ashley says.

Gizelle’s eyes almost pop off of her face.

They’ve been separated three months.

Gizelle and Robyn are whispering on the opposite couch, while Michael and Ashley are answering Andy’s questions.

The host calls them out.

“We want to know who moved out, and where are you living?” Robyn owns the gossiping.

Gizelle tries to act nice about it. As if she doesn’t dislike Ashley. She says she has Ashley’s back.

“I’m not sure you have Ashley’s back, Gizelle. You didn’t help matters. You two with your stuff about the restaurant – all three of you,” Michael says, when Charrisse plays a “who me” routine at him.

Gizelle’s face when Michael doubts her loyalty to Ashley based on her behavior at Oz

He says their shenanigans at their business didn’t help things.

They says he’s being unfair.

“It’s never okay to go after someone’s business,” Michael tells the women.

Michael tells Andy that the famous big fight in the parking lot was because Ashley invited the cast of RHOP to the opening. I can see that.

No, the three witches visiting Oz didn’t make or break their relationship, but it put additional pressure on Ashley because production wants her cast mates included in noteworthy things, and Michael doesn’t want them anywhere near anything that could affect their business, since some of them don’t know how to behave.

So yeah, I bet he’s right about them aggravating his marriage.

Ashley has moved to Alexandria, and they’re in counseling.

It sounds like there’s a real chance they’ll work it out and get back together.

“I love him. He’s my person,” Ashley says.

The gentlemen leave during the break, and Andy returns with a montage of have and have-nots, that’s actually kind of awkward to watch.

They hit on Monique’s baby’s first birthday party – which came in closer to $30k than the budget $20k budget husband Chris gave her.

Charrisse put in a $90k champagne room. Yeah, read that again.

Karen’s anniversary party had no budget. But it also had no drinks.

Andy goes back to arguing with Karen about whether she had a boob job. And she admits she took her implants out.

“And you took your boobs out!” Gizelle squeals.

Remember how she spent so much time claiming Gizelle was a liar for saying she’d had plastic surgery during their filming break.

“I thought you knew I took my boobs out,” Karen says, as though she’s just realized she isn’t going to get away with lying about having boob work done, so she’s going to pretend she doesn’t understand.

Karen claims she thought everybody already knew she had her breast implants removed

Andy looks at her like she’s completely nuts.

Andy asks Charrisse for an update on her marriage.

Ashley asks Charrisse about a pre-nup – there isn’t one. But she’s been married to Eddie for 19 years.

“We’re going to get a divorce. It’s in the process. I’ve filed. He’s moved on… he has a girlfriend. It is what is it is,” Charrisse says she’s better than she was last year.

She tells Andy she wants to go on Love Connection.

Ashley says she’d heard about freaky-deaky parties at Charrisse’s house.

Charrisse points out that Ashley and her husband like to go to gay clubs, but doesn’t deny having “freaky-deaky” parties.

“We sure do,” Ashley owns their strip club habit.

This is hilarious. But it’s trashy.

Karen tells Andy she heard the girls were saying she didn’t pay for her anniversary party, but she did.

Andy says the Bermuda trip was a disaster. Nobody “gets” why it mattered who was the host of the trip.

They show the clips of Karen and Charrisse trash talking each other, ending with the audio of Karen saying she has a picture of Charrisse’s fireman.

Charrisse says she can’t figure Karen out.

Karen accuses Charrisse of sicking Robyn on her in Bermuda. Robyn says she did that under her own steam.

“You should not have been in my room calling me a hypocrite,” Karen says.

Why not?

Charrisse asks Karen to show the picture of her fireman that she was talking about in Bermuda.

Karen can’t produce. And then we hear about a chat group about Charrisse’s love life that somebody else started between the cast and production for the show.

“I thought that thing went to bed. You know, I don’t talk about other people’s love lives – people say you have a boyfriend, do I talk about that? Blue eyes, or whatever his name is? Do I, do I, do I say anything about that?” Charrisse rants.

Ashley’s and Monique’s reactions to that reveal were PRICELESS!

RHOP mouth open in disbelief
Monique’s reaction to Charrisse throwing Karen under the bus.
Ashley’s reaction to Charrisse throwing Karen under the bus

“Whitney Houston, the Bodyguard,” Charrisse mutters. Apparently, Karen’s boo is her driver/bodyguard.

“I’m allowed to have eye candy,” Karen says.

What??? OMG – Hilarious!

Andy asks if there really are rumors about Karen and her bodyguard.

“I haven’t heard the rumor, but I’ve met him,” Monique says.

“He’s a nice looking guy,” Gizelle adds.

Karen skips over the allegations of infidelity and focuses on being butthurt by Charrisse’s disloyalty.

Karen says she was the one who told Charrisse about her fireman stuff on Instagram last year, and gets almost teary that Charrisse is throwing her under the bus now.

“Everybody in Potomac is screwing somebody,” Karen says.

Karen says she believes the story about the firefighter because Gizelle is not a liar. Which is not what she said before.

And what happened to the picture Karen claimed to have?

Gizelle isn’t letting the revelation of Karen’s Mr. Blue Eyes go so easily.

“Everybody has seen you with this guy… I’m just telling you, friend to friend, it’s not a good look,” Gizelle says.

Karen’s reaction to allegations about her boyfriend “Blue Eyes”

Andy asks if her driver is there at the reunion. Karen says the rumor is old.

The girls disagree.

Karen says Charrisse has two firemen and a superintendent. What???

This is getting ridiculous.

Monique says the reunion was difficult because it’s hard watching and rehashing the nasty of last season when she and Gizelle are okay now. It’s been a year since they filmed those first episodes, after all.

Robyn and Ashley don’t feel like there was any resolution to anything this season.

“Do you have a pre-nup?” Gizelle asks, like she has a right to know. But Ashley asked Charrisse the same thing earlier so I guess all’s fair.

“Of course,” Ashley replies.

The new season of RHOP begins filming in Potomac this week.

Things we’re left wondering

Did anybody else notice that Karen objected more vehemently to being accused of plastic surgery than she did to being accused of having an affair with her bodyguard/driver the girls call “Blue Eyes?”

What happened to the six months Robyn gave Juan to get their relationship figured out? I wonder what her therapist has to say about this.

Anybody else catch when Karen referenced Charrisse’s alimony in a threatening manner? Hmm. Last week, I told you guys that there’s no legal separation in Maryland. Even for a fireman. #JustSayin

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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