The OA Season 2: Release date, sneak peek, cast and what to expect

The OA Season 2 cast Brit Marling
Brit Marling stars as Prairie Johnson in The OA Season 2. Credit: Netflix

The OA has finished filming Season 2 and fans can’t wait to see it after a binge-worthy first season that was released in December 2016. If you need a refresher, the Netflix mystery series is created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij — the former stars in the leading role as Prairie Johnson.  

Prairie, who refers to herself as The OA, was missing for seven years and emerges with her vision restored despite being blind before her disappearance. She recruits four teenagers and a teacher in their high school to help her open a portal to rescue the people she was held captive within another dimension.

The finale of the first season left many viewers and critics confused with some questioning whether the plotline made any sense. Many viewers want answers and Netflix renewed the series for Season 2 in February 2017. 

With nearly two years since the premiere season of The OA, Netflix is yet to confirm the release date for Season 2. The series wrapped up filming for Season 2 back in May. Therefore, a December or early 2019 release date is likely.

Netflix released the first season a week after announcing the release date so a surprise premiere is not out of the picture. 

According to Indie Wire, Netflix Vice President of Original Series Cindy Holland stated that the second season of The OA is fantastic and fans will be happy with the upcoming sequel. 

The OA Season 2 has a 15-second teaser and in a similar fashion to the series, there are cryptic messages to decipher. 

It seems like Homer appears in the smoke briefly in the teaser. There is also a Braille message which translates to “survived”. 

Most of the main cast is expected to return including Hunter Percy, the teenage boys, and Prairie as The OA.

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