The OA Season 2 release date: Brit Marling reveals her to-do list for the upcoming Netflix series

Brit Marling as Prairie Johnson.
Brit Marling gives a major update on The OA Season 2. Pic credit: Netflix/YouTube

The OA premiered in December 2016 and Netflix renewed the series for Season 2 two months later. The series split fans and critics alike but left many wanting answers in a follow-up to the first season finale. 

The series follows Prairie Johnson, who returns home after going missing for seven years. She has mysteriously regained her vision and befriends four high school kids and a teacher who she asks to help rescue her friends who were held captive with her. 

Production for Season 2 of The OA started in January 2018 and with a recent update from the co-creator and star of the series Brit Marling we have a good idea of when its coming. 

When will Netflix release The OA Season 2? 

Brit Marling revealed a to-do list, which tells us that the series is in the late post-production phase, which includes dubbing, audio mixing and additional dialogue replacement for the last two episodes of The OA Season 2. 

While there is no official release date, the series is almost complete and will likely be released sometime in 2019.

In November last year, Marling explained in a lengthy Instagram post why The OA Part II was taking so long to be released. She explained that the series is not an adaption of a book or other source material and thus takes longer to write.   

The OA doesn’t have the industry standard “patterns budget” with each episode requiring a different amount. Brit Marling stars in the leading role of the series as well as being the lead writer, further slowing the process. 

The OA Season 2 has a short teaser trailer, which was released about two years ago. 

Fans should expect the series to arrive on Netflix this year.  

The OA Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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