The OA Season 2 on Netflix: Release date, trailers, cast, plot and everything we know

The OA season 2
The OA returns to Netflix for Season 2. Pic credit: Netflix

The OA is returning to Netflix for Season 2 (Part II) in 2019, more than two years after the first season launched on the streaming service.

The first season of The OA launched on Netflix in December 2016. Netflix first announced plans to bring back The OA for Season 2 in February 2017 and since then, fans have waited patiently but in vain for further updates.

However, the good news now is that shooting of The OA Season 2, which started back in January 2018, wrapped up in June 2018, after which Netflix announced that the upcoming season will premiere in the spring of 2019.

The OA Season 2 release date

The OA season 2
The OA returns for Season 2. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix has confirmed that The OA Season 2 will drop on the streaming platform on Friday, March 22, 2019.

The confirmation of the return of The OA for Season 2 came after Jason Isaacs, who plays Hap, teased that another season was coming and that it would be “exquisite and unparalleled.”

How many seasons will The OA Season 2 feature?

The OA on Netflix
The OA Season 2 premieres in March. Pic credit: Netflix

The OA Season 2 will feature 8 episodes. The title of the season premiere is Angel of Death.

The OA Season 2 production details

The OA
The OA is created is Brit Marling and Zal Zal Batmanglij. Pic credit: Netflix

The OA Season 2 is a mysterious-fantasy drama series co-written and executive produced by creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. Marling also plays the leading role in the series, while Batmanglij directed all episodes of the first season. The OA Season 1 debuted with eight episodes on Netflix on December 16, 2016.

The production companies for the series are Plan B Entertainment and Anonymous Content.

Marling assured fans back in November 2018 that The OA Season 2 was in the works and that the delay was due to her heavy schedule as the lead actor and lead writer. She explained that her team of writers had to complete all the scripts for the eight episodes of Season 2 before shooting.

Cindy Holland, Vice President of Netflix’s Original Series, revealed last July that Marlin and Zal pitched Netflix a five-season arc for The OA.

The first season of the OA received generally favorable critical reviews and audience approval.

The OA Season 2 trailer

The OA
The OA Season 2. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix released a trailer for The IA Season 2 on February 27, 2019.

Netflix announced The OA Season 2 with a teaser (see below) released on February 6, 2017.

The OA Season 2 cast

The OA season 2
The OA. Pic credit: Netflix

Marling has already confirmed that she will play the leading role of Prairie Johnson, aka OA, in Season 2. Emory Cohen will play Homer Roberts, Phyllis Smith will return as Betty Broderick-Allen (BBA), Scott Wilson as Abel Johnson, Alice Krige as Nancy Johnson, Brendan Meyer as Jesse, Brandon Perea as French Sosa, and Ian Alexander as Buck Vu.

In May 2018, Jason Isaacs shared on Twitter that he is returning as Hap Percy.

Patrick Gibson will return as Steve Winchell. Riz Ahmed is also returning to guest star as the FBI behavioral expert Elias Rahim.

Kingsley Ben-Adir (who played Dr. Marcus Summer in Vera TV series 2011- ), is joining the cast of The OA in Season 2 as Karim Washington.

Deadline also reported in May 2018 that Bria Vinaite (The Florida Project) will play a recurring role in the upcoming season.

The OA Season 2 plot

The OA
The OA returns in 2019. Pic credit: Netflix

The series follows Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), a blind young woman from Missouri, who went mysteriously missing for seven years. She reappears with her sight restored and a mysterious scar on her back.

Now calling herself OA, she refuses to talk to the police and her parents — Abel (The Walking Dead’s Scott Wilson) and Nancy (Alice Krige) — about her ordeal during the years she went missing.

She opened up about her experience to a group of teenagers and reveals that while she was missing, she was used in an experiment by a mysterious scientist called Hap that involved near-death experience and the awakening of dormant powers.

She also asks for help to save other people who also went missing in the same circumstances. She claimed they would need to open a portal to another dimension to rescue them.

The OA Season 2 follows OA’s sojourn in a new dimension in which she lives as a Russian heiress and another in which she is still Hap’s captive.

A private investigator, Karim Washington, is searching for a missing teenager called Michelle Vu. Washington teams up with OA to find Michelle who apparently went missing in circumstances similar to OA’s.

A house on Nob Hill which appears connected with the disappearance of other teenagers becomes the focus of the investigation.

In the original dimension, BBA, Angie and the gang, also try to unravel the mystery behind OA’s story and the alternate dimensions that she describes.

The OA Season 2 will be released on Friday, March 22, 2019, on Netflix. 

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