The Modern Christmas Tree from Shark Tank: Where to buy stunning festive alternative

The Modern Christmas Tree in the Stahl House
The Modern Christmas Tree photographed in the Stahl House in Los Angeles

Fed up of clearing up needles in your living room? Enter The Modern Christmas Tree — a stunning alternative to the traditional tree.

The Modern Christmas Tree hangs from your ceiling or from a sleek stand, and can either be bought with decorations or without for you to hang your own ornaments on.

There is also a semi-circular version which you can hang from a hook against a wall, and a smaller table-top one which you can to rest on any surface add some festive cheer.

The new take on the traditional live tree was turned into a business by Matt Bliss as an ode to his grandfather who was an engineer and architect and first designed the modern tree back in the 1960s for use at the family’s Christmases.

The Modern Christmas Tree has already been seen photographed in some of the most iconic mid-century modern homes across the US, including the Stahl House in Los Angleles designed by Pierre Koenig.

The trees range in price from $199 for the table-top “Jubilee” version to $799 for the fully decorated 7.5ft hanging tree. Undecorated it costs $399, while the 6ft semi-circular wall tree costs $329 for the decorated version and $199 undecorated.

At the time of writing, there was also a 10 per cent discount to tie in with the firm’s appearance on Shark Tank, along with free shipping in the continental US.

You can buy the trees on see the various options on the firm’s website.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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