The Lab on World of Dance: Everything you need to know

The Lab
The Lab has impressed the judges on World of Dance. Pic credit: @inthelab247/Instagram

The Lab is the name of one of the groups on World of Dance. The dance troupe consists of kids from the Los Angeles and Orange County areas in California and they have an interesting story. T

The company was created by a woman named Valerie, and she has revealed that most of the children in The Lab are actually from broken homes.

The goal of The Lab is to teach these kids how to work together, to bond, and to learn life lessons beyond dance. It’s clear that these kids have some sick moves and they impress the judges every week with their routines.

But it sounds like there are some deeper lessons that Valerie hopes they will take with them, even if they don’t end up winning the $1 million price.

One of the most impressive things about The Lab is the way they work together. It’s clear that they are a team, as they each have their roles in the routines.

But as noted after each routine, they hug each other and lift one another up. Even if they don’t end up winning the money, these kids have learned some valuable lessons in life and they understand the power of teamwork.

The Lab has been so impressive that judge, Derek Hough, can barely stay seated when they perform. In fact, several times, he’s jumped out of his seat in excitement. He even cried after one of the performances, as he was so impressed by kids working together.

“The most beautiful thing about that is having people around you that support you and who love you,” Derek told the group.

“I just have to commend you on that,” the World of Dance judge continued. “And you guys are so powerful as a team and as dancers and creators. And now I can get the emotional part out of the way. You guys are just so special. Well done.”

Viewers are eager to see what The Lab will do tonight for the finale competitions, as they are clearly here to win. But they are also on the show to have fun and explore this new world with their dance partners and friends – because friendship is really what The Lab is all about.

World Of Dance: World Final airs on Wednesday, September 12th at 8/7c on NBC.

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