The Golden Eyes debut: New Chinese Drama starring Lay of EXO has strong initial response among international audiences

The Golden Eyes - Character Poster
 Lay of EXO in a poster for The Golden Eyes. Pic credit: Hunan Broadcasting System

The Hunan Broadcasting System (HBS) recently released a new Chinese drama (C-drama) for fans to indulge in. It is titled The Golden Eyes and it already has a strong initial response among international fans.

Lay is gifted with the Golden Eyes

According to the synopsis provided by the series’ network, Zhuang Rui (Lay Zhang — Lay of EXO) is a simple pawn shop owner.

His eyes were mutated after an accident dealing with ancient bronze and ceramic. Utilizing his new eyes, he is able to discern ancient artifacts knowing which are authentic and which are not. He utilizes this power for the betterment of his passion.

However, Zhuang Rui is not the only person with “Golden Eyes.” There is an entire clan, the Dragon Clan, who also have individuals who utilize the Golden Eyes. More specifically, Chuzi and his two brothers, Lu Mingfei and Lu Weizhe, also have Lay’s ability.

Fans are taking to the new Chinese drama

The Golden Eyes made its debut on Tuesday, February 26, 2019, and has already aired 10 episodes. Internationally — or at least in the Americas via Rakuten Viki — the new C-drama has been well-received.

So far, The Golden Eyes has received an average rating of 9.6 out of 10 from 463 ratings. It is also followed by 17,509 people, meaning they want to be alerted about new episodes from the series when they appear.

Where can fans watch The Golden Eyes

The Golden Eyes - Vertical Poster
The Golden Eyes is the newest C-drama starring Lay of EXO, Wang Zixuan, and Wang Yuexin. Pic credit: Hunan Broadcasting System

As mentioned earlier, The Golden Eyes is fairly new but it already has a strong following. One possible reason why it is so popular is that it stars Lay of EXO fame. Another reason may be that it isn’t a period drama which is a genre that often dominates Chinese dramas. Whatever the case, it is popular.

The Golden Eyes airs one episode each day, Tuesday to Friday, for 56 episodes on HBC. For those who don’t have access to Chinese networks, the C-drama can be watched, for free with ads, on Rakuten Viki.

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