The Flash season 6 episode 6 recap: License to Elongate

Ralph, Killer Frost, Iris, and Barry listen to Nash's plan to take down the Monitor. Pic credit: The CW
Ralph, Killer Frost, Iris, and Barry listen to Nash’s plan to take down the Monitor. Pic credit: The CW

Barry Allen helps Ralph with a case but has a hard time putting the Flash aside. Nash needs Allegra’s help tracking down the Monitor, while Chester and Cecile both struggle with a slight identity crisis. 

Nash claims that he knows how to save Barry, and that’s by debunking the Monitor. Nash isn’t just a mystery solver, he busts myths — and he says the Monitor is the biggest fraud of them all.

Nash just needs to get through a wall reinforced with eternium, and for that needs Allegra’s powers. He offers Allegra an exclusive on the multiverse and doppelgangers if she agrees to help. 

He goes all out and spills the beans on everything, including the Flash’s secret identity. But when it comes time for Allegra to hold up her end of the bargain, she has doubts when she thinks she might be helping Nash kill the Monitor.

She doesn’t want to end up a killer like her cousin Esperanza.

Harrison "Nash" Wells and Allegra Garcia team up. Pic credit: The CW
Tom Cavanagh as Harrison “Nash” Wells and Kayla Compton as Allegra Garcia in The Flash season 6. Pic credit: The CW

Nash gives Allegra a pep talk, telling her that using her powers won’t make her evil because it isn’t who she is. How she uses her powers is a choice that only she can make, and as long as Allegra chooses to use her powers for good, she will never become what she hates.

Allegra blasts the wall with her UV rays, revealing the deposits of eternium Nash will need to dig around to get through. 

Nash has a soft spot for Allegra. He says she reminds him of someone, and when she asks if its another doppelganger, he replies vaguely, “Something like that.”

When she’s not looking, he takes a moment to look at her, and there is something sad and bittersweet in his expression. Nash clearly has some tragic history.  

Meanwhile, Chester’s molecules get done stabilizing, and the first thing he wants to do is ask out Natalie, a former barista at the demolished Jitters. Cecile helps Chester get resettled after his long recovery and offers to help him ask Natalie out by coaching him with her intuitive powers.

Unfortunately, all of Cecile’s doubts about her new job throws her emotional compass entirely off, and the plan ends in disaster.

Chester and Cecile both realize that its better to be true to themselves, even when they doubt themselves. Chester asked Natalie out on his own and still got turned down, but at least he was himself. And Cecile is going to be a fantastic defense attorney.

She officially invites Chester to join Team Flash, and he is so stoked. 

Cecile and Chester have a heart to heart. Pic credit: The CW
Danielle Nicolet as Cecile Horton and Brandon McKnight as Chester P. Runk in The Flash season 6. Pic credit: The CW

Barry is planning a surprise press conference as the Flash to pass the torch to Ralph as Elongated Man, making sure that Central City has a protector after Crisis. Ralph thinks he’s coming for a routine deposition and takes off to follow a lead on the Dearbon case.

Afraid he’ll accidentally blow off the press conference, Barry asks to tag along in hopes he can speed things up. 

Ralph stresses finesse in their investigation — no Elongated Man and no Flash, just Ralph and Barry, going James Bond, tuxes and all.

They crash a high-class gala in hopes of finding Sue Dearbon. A photo was taken at the same address weeks earlier of a woman wearing Sue’s one-of-a-kind gown, and Ralph hopes to find her there again. 

Ralph is really good at this undercover private investigator thing, while Barry is pretty awkward and makes some missteps. Barry wants to flash around and see if he can find Sue, but this is Ralph’s show.

Unfortunately, they don’t find Sue and learn that her dress was actually two-of-a-kind. She was never there, but there’s something sinister going on that they need to uncover. 

Ralph sneaks into the security center where he finds out the gala’s host, a stereotypical Bond villain named Remington Meister (Carlo Rota), is auctioning off a missile launching satellite called the Ring of Fire.

The Flash runs around searching the building, but his powers set off a meta-detector, and they both get captured. Ultraviolet, aka Allegra’s cousin Esperanza, is Meister’s henchman. 

The Flash and Ralph Dibney captured by Bond villains. Pic credit: The CW
Grant Gustin as the Flash and Hartley Sawyer as Ralph Dibney in The Flash season 6. Pic credit: The CW

Some Bond quotes get thrown around, and they get threatened with a laser cannon. Meister is going to destroy Central City with the Ring of Fire as a demonstration during the auction. Barry apologizes for messing things up, and Ralph tells him he has value as Barry Allen, not just the Flash.

They escape, and Barry distracts Meister by pretending to be drunk while Ralph turns off the satellite. They take down Meister and Ultraviolet and destroy the Ring of Fire.

At the press conference the next day, the Flash introduces Elongated Man to the city, telling them that as more threats arise, Central City will need more than just the Flash. Elongated Man steps up, and the Flash runs off. In a touching ceremony, the tables are turned, and Barry Allen is awarded the medal of honor, reminding him that he’s more than just the Flash. 

Sendhil Ramamurthy as Ramsey Rosso is a dark matter monster. Pic credit: The CW
Sendhil Ramamurthy as Ramsey Rosso in The Flash season 6. Pic credit: The CW

Later, Ralph is attacked in his office by Ramsey, now covered in black veins of dark matter with black eyes and teeth. His condition has clearly worsened. 

 Watch The Flash Tuesday at 8/7 C on The CW.

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