The Flash Season 5: Release date, premiere synopsis, cast and trailer

Barry Allen in The Flash trailer
Grant Gustin returns as The Flash in Season 5. Pic Credit: CW Network

Barry Allen returns in Season 5 of The Flash with a new challenge from the villain, Cicada, the second non-speedster in a row. CW has released the synopsis for episode 1, along with a trailer and release date for the upcoming season. 

The finale of the fourth season revealed that Barry’s daughter, Nora West Allen, is repeating her father’s mistake by traveling back in time.  

As we have learned from the third season episode, Flashpoint, there are serious consequences for traveling through time. 

The Flash Season 5 release date: when does the series premiere? 

The Flash returns to CW in the US for a Tuesday, October 9 at 8/7c release. Season 5 will air on Netflix in the US after the finale, so it will be a long wait for Netflix viewers. Sky One, which is the UK network of The Flash, will release each episode the following week after it premieres in the US. 

What can fans expect from the upcoming season? 

It is likely that the new villain, Cicada, will be one of the consequences of Nora altering the timeline. She will also complicate Barry and Iris’s relationship as she is not born in their timeline yet.  

Nora West-Allen displayed her advanced speedster abilities in the Season 4 finale when she seemingly assisted Barry with the super speed punch that sent back the falling satellite. 

The trailer reveals that Nora traveled 30 years into the past and has no clue how to get back. Barry gets a new suit, and Wally West confirms his appearance in Season 5.

The synopsis for the premiere reveals that the episode will be centered around Nora. Team Flash will have to figure out how to send her back to her timeline and determine how much she has already affected the future.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, it is revealed that the new villain, Cicada, has the ability to “dampen other metahuman powers,” thus presenting a unique challenge to Team Flash. 

The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 premieres on CW on Tuesday, October 9 at 8/7c.

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