The Dead Files uncovers gruesome murders and dark discoveries in Medina, N.Y.

Amy on The Dead Files
Amy looks shocked on this week’s episode of The Dead Files

This week’s episode of The Dead Files sees Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi head to Medina, N.Y., where dark secrets await.

The pair take part in what turns out to be a tense investigation at a historic estate, as they try to get to the bottom of some paranormal activity in the area.

Medina is home to around 6000 people and the earliest remaining houses date back to around 1820. Small though it is, Medina is not without some dark moments in its past with several murders having taken place there.

Retired NYPD homicide detective Steve chats to some locals who are familiar with the town’s history and finds out more about a particularly grisly murder.

Meantime, Amy has a scary encounter with a female presence and also uncovers something very dark indeed.

Watch The Dead Files – Drawn to Evil at 10PM on Travel Chanel.

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