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The Curse of Oak Island: Secret entrance to treasure tunnel and signs of Templars?

Oak Island old well, all seeing eye carving found on slab
The team explore the old well on Oak Island

The treasure seeking action continues on The Curse of Oak Island this week as possible secret entrance is discovered and symbols are found that could relate to the Knights Templar.

As the treasure hunters get back into the swing of searching Oak Island they discover a strange hatch. Could it be a secret entrance to a tunnel full of treasure?

Investigations this week focus on the old well, which some believe is actually the remains of a Crusader fort or settlement.

A stone that might be a grave marker seems to have a crusader cross carved on it and as they prepare to descend into the well a triangle with an eye in the middle is found carved on a slab. The team reckon this is a symbol associated with the Templars, though we’re not so sure.

It is certainly associated with Freemasonry, which in turn has incorporated some ceremony and symbolism from early knightly orders. But did the Templars use the all-seeing eye?

The all-seeing eye in a stained glass window
The all-seeing eye

The Eye of Providence is a triangle with an eye at the center and usually has rays of light emanating from it. It is said to symbolise the omnipotence of God as he watches over all, as the bible says “The eyes of the Lord are in every place”.

The triangle shape is said to represent the Holy Trinity of God, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

It appears in many guises such as on the one-dollar bill and was even used on some courthouses.

The Knights Templar, the Order of Solomon’s Temple were a powerful and wealthy Christian order who rose to prominence soon after the First Crusade in the 11th century. Pilgrims traveling to the newly captured Holy Land needed protection on the road and order was formed for this purpose.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, known as the Temple of Solomon by the Crusaders is where the Templars get their name
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, known as the Temple of Solomon by the Crusaders is where the Templars get their name

Their power waxed for two hundred years until as the crusades failed, the king of France had many of them arrested and burned at the stake and the order was later disbanded by the Pope. The king’s motivation was mainly to curb their power, since they operated what was essentially an early international banking system.

Unusual markings down the well, Templars, Freemasons, Illuminati?

As the team explore the well further with the aid of dive equipment,  they find something else…

Last week saw the return of brothers Marty and Rick to their obsession, Oak Island and its many mysteries from possible Crusader ruins to the infamous Money Pit.

Dan Blake discusses 50 years of hunting for treasure on Oak Island

Watch The Curse of Oak Island – Always Forward at 9:00 PM on History Channel.

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