The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 release date confirmed: Here’s when new season starts in fall 2019

Rick Lagina, who is returning for The Curse of Oak Island Season 7
Rick Lagina and the team are returning for The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 in fall 2019. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 release date has been confirmed by History — with the hit show’s new season just weeks away.

The fall 2019 season’s premiere date was revealed in a new trailer which suggests the Oak Island swamp was the focus of the treasure-hunting team’s efforts this year.

In the clip, eerie images of the swamp are shown while a voiceover says, “This season, the answers will be brought to the surface.”

Lead treasure-hunter Marty Lagina can be heard saying, “There is a massive structure in the swamp. It’s totally undiscovered.”

His brother Rick then adds, “The mystery is here. OK boys, it’s time to get dirty!”

When does the new season start?

The end of the trailer reveals that The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 release date has been confirmed for November 5, with the premiere beginning at 9/8c on History.

A day before the trailer was released, the network teased the start date to fans with a cryptic puzzle.

It was first confirmed the show was returning back in May during the final Drilling Down episode of The Curse of Oak Island Season 6. In early June, Monsters and Critics shared that filming had begun after masses of equipment were seen arriving on the island, along with several of the team members.

A month later, we revealed how a huge operation was underway at the swamp as filming for Season 7 took place. At that point, there was also work being carried out in the Money Pit area, and metal-detecting expert Gary Drayton was seen scouring the island’s shoreline.

Several previously unsearched areas had also reportedly been cleared so that he could search them with his metal-detecting device.

Tours have been taking place on the island all summer after organizers were initially hit by a ticketing scam. The Curse of Oak Island fan Danny Boudreau, from Moncton, New Brunswick, told Monsters and Critics in July how he went on a tour led by team-member Charles Barkhouse.

He said filming was taking place at Smith’s Cove at the time he visited, and explosive seismic blasting — using geophones and blast charges — was taking place at the swamp.

Drilling Down host Matty Blake posted a photo on his Instagram just days ago of himself, standing next to caissons at the Money Pit, suggesting work for Season 7 is still being carried out on the island at the time of writing.

The Curse of Oak Island returns for an all-new season November 5 at 9/8c on History.

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