The Curse of Oak Island Season 5: ‘Non stop activity’ hints at Lagina brothers being on to something big

Rick Lagina in The Curse of Oak Island Season 5
Rick Lagina in footage from The Curse of Oak Island Season 5

It looks like Rick and Marty Lagina could really be on to something big in The Curse of Oak Island Season 5, with “non stop activity” taking place on the island in the past few days at levels not usually seen this late in the year.

We told back in September how large amounts of equipment were seen arriving on the island before a huge operation got under way.

Then the Season 5 trailer — which we exclusively revealed last month — showed Rick and Marty appearing to suggest they had found the original Money Pit area. It also showed a chest being opened, a mysterious key being examined, and a historic coin being found.

However, with the team still on the island filming later episodes in the season, there could well be more big discoveries to come.

Now local resident Karen Publicover, who owns the property just across the causeway on the mainland, has revealed how a large amount of activity was continuing to take place last week and over the weekend — with a lot more people on the island than there usually are at this time of year.

Karen, who has lived next to the causeway for around 30 years, said on her Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causeway blog: “Lots of traffic every day until late in the evening every night. It amazes me how many people are on the island especially this late in the year and there is no sign of things slowing down anytime soon.”

She added on her Facebook page, along with pictures of a bulldozer being driven off the island: “Another busy week on the island! Non stop activity that doesn’t show any signs of stopping.”

It was previously revealed by History that Season 5 of The Curse of Oak Island sees a pirate’s chest and three keys for other chests surface during the season. The appearance of a key and chest shown the trailer suggests those items may not have been found under ground but rather discovered elsewhere, as they appear to be in relatively good condition.

However, the discovery of the original Money Pit — and being able to somehow confirm it — would be an enormous find for Rick, Marty and the team. Its true location was lost long ago thanks to repeated digging on the island in the search for treasure over more than two centuries.

The Curse of Oak Island returns November 7 on History.

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