The Curse of Oak Island preview: Team digs up more of stone roadway and examines ancient Portuguese church

Rick Lagina in Portugal
Rick Lagina has enjoyed exploring Portuguese churches linked to the Templar Knights. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, members of the team attempt to locate and dig up an extension of the mysterious stone roadway while the rest of the guys examine a Portuguese church that resembles the Money Pit.

At the Money Pit, drilling is still ongoing with the fifth and final caisson; however, it looks like most of tonight’s action will be taking place elsewhere on the island.

Marty Lagina gets back in a digger as the guys look for an extension to the cobblestone road.

Has Marty Lagina found an extension to the Oak Island stone roadway?

Ever since the team unearthed the strange stone roadway emanating from the swamp, they have theorized that the road stretched from a wharf in the swamp to the Money Pit and that it was used to transport the treasure.

The guys have recently increased efforts to find more of this road, particularly the missing link to the Money Pit. And a preview for tonight’s show suggests they may have found it.

In an undisclosed area of Oak Island, Marty uncovers a large amount of stone cobbles and says, “I’m wondering if that’s it already.”

Marty will be absolutely thrilled if he can get one over his big brother by finding something really significant while Rick is away.

Meanwhile, Doug Crowell, Rick and Alex Lagina, and Peter Fornetti are still on the other side of the Atlantic hunting for clues in Portugal that might connect the Templar Knights to Oak Island.

The four initially set out to examine two churches associated with the ancient medieval Order of the Templar Knights, where they thought they might find an archive or a symbol or anything to link the knights with buried treasure on Oak Island.

Portuguese church mirrors design of original Oak Island Money Pit

Tonight they’ll be visiting the Convento de Christo, a Templar stronghold in Tomar, Portugal, which appears to be a particularly ancient, beautiful, and well-preserved church. The guys are seen descending a winding staircase within an ornate ancient shaft in a preview. Excitingly, Doug can be heard comparing its design to that of the original Money Pit.

Portuguese church tower
Doug Crowell says the inside of this Portuguese church resembles the design of the original Money Pit. Pic credit: History

Last week, the intrepid explorers examined an old Roman road, which looked almost identical in style and construction to the Oak Island roadway. This will perhaps mean that Marty’s find of a possible extension to the road will take on a deeper significance.

The History Channel episode description eludes to all of the above by reading:

“With winter fast approaching and time running out, Marty Lagina makes an incredible discovery on Oak Island while on the other side of the Atlantic, Rick finds evidence that could tie the Knights Templar to the construction of the Money Pit.”

Time is rapidly running out for the guys this season; fingers crossed they can pull a really significant find out of the bag before operations are wound down.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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