The Curse of Oak Island: Has team found ‘back door’ to the Money Pit?

The team uncovers structures that predate the money pit
Is the team getting closer to finding treasure with this new discovery? Pic credit: HISTORY

On The Curse of Oak Island this week, new data provides stunning proof that structures uncovered in Smith’s Cove were built prior to the discovery of the Money Pit. In the Season 6 episode, Seismic Matters, they also revisit treasure hunter Marty Lagina’s least favorite spot on the island, the infamous and stinky swamp.

In the war room, the team is told that a significant marker lays right on the southeast corner of the swamp, and could be indicative of something that can help lead them straight to the Money Pit.

According to their guest theorist, he has found, “The back door,” to the Money Pit! If this is true, this could be the year that the team finally solve the 223-year old mystery that has stumped countless teams of treasure hunters before them, not to mention earning them a place in the history books.

Elsewhere Rick Lagina asserts, “I think the swamp has answers and I want them.”

Lucky for him, metal-detecting expert Gary Drayton plays right into his hands by finding yet another coin in the area, leading Marty to admit, “maybe there are answers in the swamp.”

Meanwhile, the heavy equipment continues to run in Smith’s Cove, uncovering new and intriguing finds.

“It looks like a pile of boulders,” yells archaeologist Laird Niven, as the treasure hunting team watch the huge scoop uncover something significant.

Later, geologist Terry Matheson points out a key clue saying, “See the water, a substantial amount of water,” leading Alex Lagina to note that this could be a flood tunnel that they have uncovered.

After a year of ups and downs, the team receive some much needed good news when they are told that the wood of the slipway matches with “a 550-year old tree.”

“It is original!” responds a beaming Jack Begley, and historian Paul Troutman proclaims, “It predates the Money Pit.”

“Yes, it’s conclusive proof,” states Rick.

Has the treasure hunt come to a satisfying and decisive climax? Be sure to tune in and find out!

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on HISTORY.

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