The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 – Who was eliminated on Episode 3?

johnny bananas watches an epic elimination on the challenge war of the worlds 2
Johnny Banana watches the latest elimination battle on The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2. Pic credit: MTV screencap

MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 returned for episode 3 on Wednesday, September 11. Once again, the competitors engaged in dramatic debates with each other and decided who to nominate for elimination. Here’s what happened on Episode 3 and who ended up eliminated from the latest War of the Worlds 2 show.

Teams choose speakers before Paddlewheel Puzzle

Both Team USA and Team UK had meetings to select their speakers before they even did the next challenge. The United States all decided to test Josh’s loyalty by making him speaker since he was cheering for Georgia during the UK’s last elimination.

For Team UK, Bear volunteered and was upset when everyone laughed him off. Instead, rookie Idris got the nod to be speaker if his team won.

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Their latest challenge involved memorizing a bunch of padlock combination numbers and then getting inside a rotating paddlewheel on the water. It has poles locked inside the wheel which needed to be unlocked using the number codes they memorized. Those 16 poles are flags the teams need to stack up on shore to win the challenge.

The Americans struggled to get all theirs unlocked, and the Brits loved it. Eventually, Team USA completed the challenge. The Brits move a lot quicker inside the paddlewheel to unlock their flag poles and stack them at the finish. It seems they won.

TJ announces the winning side after a commercial break. It’s Team UK, but not so fast. TJ reveals that the Brits broke two locks which violated the rules, so actually, Team USA wins.

Who was nominated for The Proving Ground?

The Tribunal speaker is Josh as Team USA previously decided. He picks Laurel and Zack to join him. The UK deliberates and nominates Bear even though he pleads his case in another argument session.

The Tribunal talks to Bear about who he wants to face. He said he’s fine with whoever because he’s trained for this and has to take out the biggest and baddest competitor to prove he belongs there.
Josh causes friction when he seems to not be on the same page as the Americans with sending in Theo. Josh gets into it with his teammates with him and Wes especially clashing. Laurel pretends to be asleep when all the arguing erupts. Later, she finds Josh, and they hatch a plan to send in Wes during nominations.

Later on, the UK’s Rogan and Theo get into a war of words and trash-talking. MTV staff and other competitors step in to prevent punches from getting thrown.

Team USA holds another meeting to vote on who they want to nominate. Another argument breaks out, this time as Josh confronts Wes for what he said. Josh tells him he’s not going to play Wes’ game, but his own.

Later, Paulie and Zack try to calm down Josh. They tell him the smart choice is Theo. They tell Josh that Wes thinks he’s in charge of the plan, but he’s really not.

Bear goes down to await his opponent at the Proving Ground and jokingly calls out Wes who laughs it off. The Tribunal members announce their choices, and Zack picks Theo. Laurel nominates Wes in a shocking move. It all comes down to Josh’s final vote. He nominates Wes based on him saying he was going to eliminate him when he got the chance.

Who was eliminated from War of the Worlds 2?

The Challenge gets that epic Wes vs. Bear showdown on the Proving Ground. They play Firing Squad. TJ is firing a cannonball at them at 70 miles per hour. The object is to get that cannonball and score in the goal. The first player to score two goals wins. The loser goes home.

Bear surprises everyone by winning the first heat. In the second heat, Wes puts up more of a fight. They struggle on the ground. The ball gets knocked loose. Bear retrieves it, and despite Wes hanging onto him, he drops the ball in the goal to win in two-straight rounds.

Team USA loses one of its top players but also one of its main manipulators behind the scenes. A lot of US members are upset with Laurel and Josh sending in one of their own. Bear gets to decide if he wants to go to Team USA or back to the UK. He chooses to remain loyal and rejoins the UK team.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 is live on Wednesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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