The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 14 recap: Who went home in the elimination results tonight?

the challenge war of the worlds 2 episode 14 recap
The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 competitors Ashley, Ninja, Zach, and Nany. Pic credit: MTV The Challenge

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 14 arrived on Wednesday, November 27. The reality competition series is drawing closer to the finale, with the Americans and Brits battling to remain in the game. The latest installment would feature yet another player sent home in the Proving Ground elimination results. Here’s a recap along with who went home on the latest episode of MTV’s The Challenge War of Worlds 2?

Tori and Jordan argue with CT and Rogan about the fact they’re just going to keep throwing them in no matter what.

CT tells them that he and Rogan have been protecting one another all game, so it’s nothing new. Still, Tori and Jordan are upset that they are trying to win challenges if they’re just going to get thrown in anyways.

New challenge: Mine the Cart

One male and one female wheel themselves in a mining cart across a line to collect medallions. One person from each team will swim out to a raft to get a handsaw. That player will bring the handsaw back to saw a rope that can release their opponent’s mining cart from up above. All players will compete.

The first pair of players to fall from their mining cart are Paulie and Kam, as Jordan saws their rope. The UK team takes over the lead. Tori and Rogan get it done while Leroy and Nany fall.

Ultimately, the Brits team shows their skills, and they get the win. That means Team USA has to vote to send in one player. They have the vote immediately on the spot. Nany gets voted in by a majority with only herself, Leroy, and Zach choosing Ninja instead.

UK speaker CT flips a switch by saying it’s time to start acting like a team and not to vote in any of their own. He makes the Tribunal himself, Rogan, and Tori. He votes for Ninja while Tori makes it tough on Rogan by voting for Ashley.

After a break, he apologizes but also votes in Ashley. She’s furious over his vote. TJ tells Ashley and Nany to come with him. Everyone else has officially made the final.

Paulie confronts Rogan about CT’s plan. Rogan assures him he had no idea CT was going to do that. Later, Rogan and CT talk about it. CT tells him Paulie seems to spit out a lot of venom in the house to make people think he’s the only one who’s got their back.

Super Elimination: Run For Your Life

TJ tells Ashley and Nany that they have to compete in a Super Elimination called Run For Your Life. It involves an elimination without the other competitors watching them.

They are running with two puzzle pieces up a trail to the top and a puzzle they have to solve. They have to go back down to get the other two pieces and run back up to solve the puzzle. The first to solve their puzzle wins. The losing competitor is going home.

Ashley gets a good lead, but then she goes the wrong way on her way back down to get the other two puzzle pieces. Nany gets back up first, but unfortunately, she’s not good at puzzles. Ashley quickly figures it out and calls for a check. She wins. Nany’s going home right before the final.

Ashley gets to choose if she’s going to return to her alliance with Team USA or become a turncoat with the Brits for the final. She’d go back to the house and give a speech that she’s sticking with Team USA rather than teaming up with the “liars and two most egotistical people in the house.”

Challenge finals coming up

With the latest Challenge episode and Super Elimination, that means the next episode is the big finale. It’ll be Team USA with Paulie, Cara, Ashley, Ninja, Kam, Leroy, and Zach. Team UK is smaller but considered to be stronger overall. Their team consists of CT, Rogan, Dee, Jordan, and Tori.

One of the two teams will end up winning all the money and glory, although it won’t be too shocking if a big twist arrives with next week’s finale!

Watch The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 on Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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