The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 13 recap: Who went home tonight in the elimination results?

the challenge war of the worlds 2 episode 13 recap
Former Big Brother competitor Josh on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2. Pic credit: MTV The Challenge

On Wednesday, November 20, MTV presented The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 13. It’s getting closer to the finals as the players continue fighting to stick around in the game.

However, there’s significant fallout from last week’s situation involving Rogan, Dee, and team UK. Additionally, there’s one huge alliance and a much smaller one battling it out.

So who had to leave in the latest elimination results?

Fallout from previous elimination

Tori and Jordan celebrate her return to the house after defeating Jenny during the last elimination. Josh realizes there’s a massive alliance against the forced alliance he’s in with Tori, Jordan, Nany, and Zach.

Meanwhile, Kayleigh tries to get Dee back on board after she was nearly thrown into elimination.

Dee’s still upset and calls out CT, Joss, and Rogan. She reminds them that she and Wes ran a final last season. CT, Joss, and Rogan say they want her to let them know she believes she can run a final.

Meanwhile, Leroy and Kam continue getting closer in their relationship. That comes into play in the next challenge.

Puzzling Swim brings a surprise

It involves swimming, which isn’t everyone’s strongest skill. TJ tells them winning today is “very, very important.” The challenge involves swimming out to platforms in the water with a padlocked box.

Pairs of swimmers from each team will swim to different platforms to retrieve four keys. They’ll all bring the keys back to their team to unlock a scroll to solve a riddle.

The first team to solve it wins.

The losing team sends one guy into elimination. The slowest swimming pair from either side is also going home today in a purge move. So players team up strategically.

One girl gets to stay out from Team USA, and it’s Ninja. Zach tells her because she’s not good at swimming, she’s putting all the other girls at risk for elimination.

Rogan tries to get CT to partner with Dee, but he tells Rogan that’s on him. Dee is still irritated with Rogan but agrees to pair up with him. CT gets to swim solo in this one. Dee manages to outswim Leroy.

Team USA wins the challenge by solving their puzzle first. TJ announces that the two slowest-swimming pairs were Kam/Leroy and Kayleigh/Joss.

However, one was slowest, and that means Kayleigh and Joss are going home.

Leroy breaks down in tears of joy as he hugs Kam. Joss cries during his side interview, realizing they got rid of their strongest players. He would have preferred swimming with Georgia or Jenny.

New Tribunal, elimination nomination

Ninja is Team USA’s Speaker. She chooses Zach and Ashley for the Tribunal. Paulie talks to Ninja about possibly sending in Josh from their team, but she is ticked at what Rogan did to Dee. Paulie says he’ll leave it up to her and the Tribunal.

Dee and Rogan sort things out to get on the same page. She admits he hurt her since she cares so much for him. Dee feels bad for Rogan after he lost two friends with the purge.

Rogan says he’s proud of her after the latest challenge. He also throws Joss under the bus, blaming him for saying Dee might hurt them in the finals.

At the UK’s elimination meeting, it’s another quick vote. Jordan’s going in because he doesn’t have the numbers on his side.

Dee tries to ask Jordan about him previously “berating” or “talking down” to competitors. He asks for an example. She doesn’t have a specific one but asks if he has any regrets for doing that. He says no, he’ll let a competitor know if he thinks they’re not giving their best.

As far as who he wants in an elimination, Jordan says, “Rogan would be fun,” and adds, “I play the game.”

Proving Ground elimination results

Jordan joins TJ on the Proving Ground. It’s time for the Tribunal’s vote. Dee’s vote goes to Josh since he threw her name in before. Zach votes for “Keebler Elf” Paulie as a joke. However, Ashley follows Dee’s lead and sends Josh in.

Josh and Jordan battle in a rope-based elimination where they’re standing on top of platforms and trying to pull their opponent off first. Jordan admits in his side interview that he’s at a disadvantage since he has just one hand.

Most people on Team USA are rooting for Josh, but they realize Jordan is the smarter competitor. He takes the first round by loosing up his grip at the right moment, so Josh falls off.

In the second round, Jordan does it again. He lures Josh into another big pull by pretending he’s struggling on one leg for balance. As Josh goes for the pull, Jordan lets go of the rope, and Josh falls off.

The third round arrives. Josh is still giving it his all, but he’s getting gassed. Jordan senses it. He once again lets up on the rope at the right time, and Josh loses his balance. Game over.

That means Josh is leaving The Challenge. TJ was seriously impressed by Jordan’s performance, as were others. He rejoins Team UK, which is down to just five people now. Team USA is also down one more competitor.

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 on MTV airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c.

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