The Challenge Season 34 reunion: War of the Worlds 2 cast reunites to reignite drama

team usa competitors on the challenge season 34 reunion show
Team USA competitors on The Challenge Season 34 reunion show. Pic credit: MTV

The two-hour Challenge Season 34 reunion arrived on Wednesday, December 18. Justina Valentine and Nick “Swaggy P” Young hosted as members of Team USA and Team UK got back together to discuss what went down this season.

As one would expect, it brought plenty of drama, but also some good laughs, surprises, and potential friendships redeemed.

Team USA blame game, more drama begins

At the reunion were Team USA’s Paulie, Cara, Kam, Ashley, Johnny Bananas, Ninja, Leroy, Nany, Josh, and Laurel. For Team UK, it was Ninja, Jordan, Tori, Bear, Theo, CT, Rogan, Kyle, Georgia, Jenny, Nicole, and Kayleigh.

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They brought up early that Theo had an eye injury and was wearing an eye patch. He said he’s doing alright and will bounce back from this one.

Team USA talked about who the blame should go to for their loss. Some tried to say it was Paulie for gassing out. Cara said she’d accept responsibility for not getting that final tangram puzzle done. Kam said their team strategy wasn’t great and thought there should have always been three males carrying the gurney without taking breaks.

Drama quickly started on the show. They brought up Paulie’s speculation that Johnny and Jenny hooked up. They denied it. Johnny and Paulie started to bicker. Johnny suggested he’s won more times than everyone combined on his side of the stage.

Cara and Nany started going at it when Cara said they were in two different alliances. Cara said Nany takes it way too personal when it was all part of the game. She accused Nany of binge drinking and smoking every night during the show.

Jordan defended Nany, saying she was always in the gym the next morning.

Meanwhile, Josh and Paulie started arguing. Josh asked Paulie if he was going to start crying again, and Josh ran him down with comebacks about him failing to win.

Team alliances, double-crosses

They looked back at some of Team USA’s early double-crosses. That included the mastermind Wes getting eliminated early on due to Laurel and Josh’s secret plan. It also came back to bite Laurel when she got eliminated soon after.

Wes appeared via satellite, now sporting a beard. He said he doesn’t care about Laurel getting eliminated or karma getting her. Wes brought up how he wanted to apologize to Laurel and Josh on behalf of the internet for all the unnecessary hate they’ve gotten.

That brought Josh to tears out of appreciation for Wes’ comments.

Next up, it was time to discuss Paulie promising not to send anyone in from Team USA, but sending in Johnny Bananas anyways. Josh talked about losing respect for Paulie as a good friend when he shook his hand before doing that.

Paulie did a strange dance on stage to taunt everyone. When asked if he’d want the lost friendship back, Paulie said he’s learned you can’t dwell on things and to just move on.

Jordan’s proposal to Tori reviewed

The cast reminisced over Jordan’s surprise proposal to Tori during his potential elimination. Jordan said it was tough to keep a secret. The first week there, Nany discovered the ring.

Of course, they also brought up Cara’s negative reaction to it. Cara said when she stayed away from their engagement party, she got a quiet house to herself, and it was great. She said it was the best gift she could give Jordan and vice versa.

She maintained that she felt the proposal was staged. Jordan said, of course, it was because people have to plan a proposal. Tori said she doesn’t think Cara is jealous of her but maybe of her situation of being engaged.

Cara vs. Laurel drama?

Justina asked Cara about the relationship with Laurel. Cara said they were great friends, but that was when Cara wasn’t so confident in herself. She said Laurel started to be different as Cara became more confident.

Laurel said it was exhausting to be Cara’s friend, so she pulled herself out of the friendship. Cara brought up that she felt Laurel talked down to her a lot, but maybe that was her way of helping her.

They still have a chance for friendship with both agreeing they have no hate towards each other.

Rogan and Dee’s roller-coaster relationship

They brought up Rogan and Dee’s relationship, and then his plan to throw Dee into the elimination. Rogan said it broke his heart to try to send Dee in, but that didn’t happen.

They revealed a never-seen-before scene where Rogan was telling Paulie and Joss he was “bored” with Dee. Rogan said during the scene that he had some interest in Nany. After seeing it, Dee broke down in tears, saying it sucks to see them talking about her like that.

Nany said Rogan slid into his DMs before the show, and she was into him, but then he hooked up with Dee. That made Nany stay away because she is cool with Dee.

Another interesting exchange came between Cara and Nany. Cara suggested that Nany was calling up Paulie drunk and maybe trying to get with him. Cara said comments were exchanged between them too.

Turbo vs. Jordan’s heated exchanges

They showed the Jordan vs. Turbo drama. Turbo wasn’t part of the reunion as he was shooting a movie in Bulgaria. Josh brought up how he thinks there’s a language barrier, and Turbo didn’t understand what was being said.

Turbo sent in a funny video about wanting to come back again for another Challenge to compete and take out certain people. Jordan said he’d love to see Turbo again because it’d be fun to go against him.

More drama as reunion ends

The reunion touched upon “Cara’s cult,” as some cast members called it. Cara and Paulie said it was an alliance, and they were more of a family. Johnny and CT said they’d love to be included next time.

Jordan’s rude behavior towards some of the castmates was brought up. Some defended it as how he competes. Others said he needs to be more sensitive in the way he communicates to people.

Dee got emotional as she felt he was spewing hate towards her. Ultimately, Jordan apologized and hugged Dee for what went down.

The show ended with congratulations to Team UK for getting the big win, but there were no teases for the next season.

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 reunion aired on MTV on Wednesday, December 18.

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