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The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros recap: The bitter rivals Wes and Johnny Bananas go head-to-head edition

Legendary rivals Wes and Johnny go head-to-head in an elimination challenge for the first time

This week is all about bitter rivalries, as Shawne Merriman and CM Punk go head-to-head, alongside Wes and Johnny Bananas.

Pros Shawn and CM had a prior “beef” with each other. There was a Twitter war that involved CM’s speedo.

Not sure I want more info than that.

They make up and move on.

“We’re both here for a good cause, ya know what I’m saying?” Shawn asks.

“I don’t know. You made fun of my speedo,” CM laughs, and all is well again.

The whole crew goes out to the park to play flag football. They mix up the teams.

Wes and Johnny are still bitter rivals.

“I’m pretty sure Bananas is the worst person on our team,” Wes says.

Lindsey ends up giving Lolo a talk about sportsmanship. She needs it.

“She’s not my mom. I’m tired of her saying what I can do and say,” Lolo stomps off.

She threatens to leave the show if people don’t leave her alone. #Diva

This is a “pro” athlete? God, I hope little girls don’t look up to her. #SorryNotSorry

Lolo thought she’d be bonding with other pro athletes on the show.

She’s obviously never watched The Challenge.

The Team Challenge is called A Tailgate BBQ and they get wrapped in plastic wrap like a hot dog.

They have to roll through the course that symbolizes getting grilled, topped, and put on a bun. And some of them have to carry a bag of chips flag in their mouths.

They choose team captains.

CM Punk volunteers to captain the Pros, and Jordan is heading up the Champs.

Players are wrapped in plastic wrap to roll through the course

It’s pure chaos and they look ridiculous. It’s hard to roll in a straight line.

After the first boys’ round, Johnny Bananas and CM Punk get into a fight.

“I feel like Bill Murray in Ghostbusters, ya know,” CM says, covered in slime.

Johnny Bananas, who’s won six challenges, makes fun of him for celebrating a loss.

Johnny Bananas busts on CM Punk and gets pretty aggressive

“I’ll tell you what I don’t do. I don’t go to the UFC and get my ass whupped,” Bananas says.

“I was either going to win gloriously, or die a glorious death. And that’s something somebody like you is never going to understand. Because they wouldn’t let you in because nobody would pay a dime to see your ass,” CM says.

Johnny says it’s fun to watch the professional athletes squirm.

Six-time challenge winner Johnny Bananas enjoys seeing the Pros get a reality check

“You couldn’t make it in wrestling. You got your ass handed to you in the MMA. And now you’re trying to make it with this,” Johnny says.

CM tells Bananas to shup up – he’s just fan after all. #Ouch

“I think Bananas pushes buttons. He goes for the lowest hanging fruit,” CM says.

“The guy is obviously trying to live up to the name he’s given himself – CM Punk,” Johnny says it’s more like CM B***h.

Tia Blanco, the pro surfer, is faster than anybody at this challenge.

Shawne drops his chip bag at some point rolling through the ketchup, mustard and relish, and it dooms the Pros.

“We turned it on. We showed the pros what’s up,” Jordan says, all excited by The Champs’ win.

Team Captain Jordan wins $5,000 for his charity.

They have nominations for the elimination challenge, but CM has to go in because he was the captain of the losing team.

The majority of the pros nominate Shawne, including Shawne himself.

He says a matchup with CM has been a long time coming.

“You get the drama of a beef that happened in 2006 in Costa Rica,” CM jokes.

Jordan nominates Wes to compete for The Champs.

And the team nominates Johnny Bananas to go up against him.

Johnny and Wes prepare to face off in the arena

These two have a legendary rivalry, but they’ve never gone head to head in a challenge.

The elimination challenge requires them to do battle with sticks, while wearing blindfolds.

They can have a caller telling them where to go.

Shawne chooses Derrell, and CM chooses Louise. He says she has the most distinctive voice in the group.

“I wanted somebody with experience,” Shawne explains why he chose a Champ instead of a teammate.

Bananas chooses Derrell and Wes choose CT.

The Pros battle first, and CM eliminates Shawne. Kinda bums me out – I liked Shawne.

He leaves with $1,000 for his charity.

“I thought I had him, but I guess not,” Shawne jokes that he doesn’t know what happened because he was blindfolded.

Wes and Johnny Bananas go head to head.

They really dislike each other.

“The stakes, obviously, couldn’t be any higher,” Johnny says.

He doesn’t know what he’ll do if he loses to Wes. #Foreshadowing

Wes tells CT to be louder because he can’t hear the coaching.

And then he takes out Johnny with a swipe.

For the first time ever, Johnny Bananas has no last words to share with everyone, and he leaves quietly.

Things we’re left wondering

Does production intentionally choose themes the players don’t understand? The word ingenuity was a deal-breaker for several of The Champs tonight.

What’s up with Lolo’s crap attitude? I’m really disappointed in her.

Can anybody believe Bananas is gone so fast??? OMG

The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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