The Cars that Made America tells story of U.S. car revolution

The Cars that Made America
The Cars that Made America looks at the visionaries who developed America’s car industry

The Cars That Made America is a new three-part docudrama on History that focusses on the men who shaped the car industry in the U.S.

Part of History Channel’s Car Week, the series details the roles of men like Henry Ford, the Dodge brothers, Walter Crysler and William Durant.

Their vision helped shape and revolutionize the transport system and the car-dominated world they help build is still with us today.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. narrates this fascinating tale that brings to life the stories behind the people who went on to build some of the biggest corporations the world has ever seen. Just as the railways changed America forever and opened up the West to mass migration, the evolution of the car from an inventor’s novelty into a vehicle available to the masses changed both the country and the lives of the people.

These visionaries were driven by their passion for the car and by the intense competition between them.

The Cars that Made America Part 1 airs at 8:00 PM on History.

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