Nikki’s ingenuity is tested at Ride 95 FM concert on The Breaks

Nikki on The Breaks
Nikki works her charms on The Breaks

This week on The Breaks, Nikki has her work cut out as she is given a tricky mission at the Ride 95 FM concert.

Nikki might have landed her dream job and gotten her foot on the first rung of the music business ladder, but she still has a mountain to climb if she wants to make it to the top.

She has to try and get rapper D-Rome on stage at the Ride 95 FM concert so that he can guest verse with Keith Sweat, but without credentials she’ll have to think fast even to get backstage.

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Barry and Nikki
Barry and Nikki make a formidable team

Meantime, Barry gets chatting with record executive Mattie Taylor but will he make the most of it?

Last week saw a very pushy Nikki land herself the job that Barry fouray had promised her, but only after proving just how ‘unreasonable’ she could be.

You can watch the whole first episode below.

Catch The Breaks at 9 PM on VH1.

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