The Blacklist season first look: Katarina Rostova returns, Reddington in crisis

James Spader as Reddington in The Blacklist Season 7
The Blacklist Season 7: James Spader as Reddington. Pic credit: NBC

Two sneak peek videos have been released ahead of the Friday, October 4 premiere of The Blacklist Season 7.

The first video reveals Elizabeth “Liz” Keen (Megan Boone) admitting to Cooper (Harry Lennix), Aram (Amir Arison), and others that she turned Red in. Liz also tells them that the man posing as Reddington is not the real Raymond Reddington (James Spader), but an impostor and former KGB agent named Ilya Koslov. But she says that the revelation shouldn’t change their perspective on Reddington.

Although Liz appeared to have decided to believe Dom’s (Brian Dennehy) story from Season 6, Episode 19 (Rassvet) that Reddington’s real identity is Ilya Koslov, many fans question whether she should.

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She also revealed that Reddington is in French custody, suggesting that he is being held by the French police rather than Katarina Rostova (Laila Robins), as fans expected after seeing the closing moments of the Season 6 finale.

In the Season 6 finale, Katarina stabbed Red with a syringe after they met on a dark street in Paris. A van pulled over and Reddington was driven to an unknown destination.

The scene left fans wondering what is next for Reddington and what Katarina is up to.

According to an official synopsis by NBC, she is seeking to unearth a truth that Red wants no one to know about. But the sneak peek gives no hint about what she wants to know, so fans will have to wait to find out. However, the official season synopsis from NBC gives some insight into what to expect.

“After being abducted by Katarina Rostova, Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington (James Spader) finds himself alone in hostile territory, unsure of who, if anyone, he can trust. Surrounded by old enemies and new allies, Red must stay one step ahead of the Blacklist’s most dangerous criminal, who will stop at nothing to unearth the very truth Red wants no one to know about. To find it, Katarina will insinuate herself into the life of Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone), who has finally reunited with her daughter Agnes. Katarina’s presence will bring danger to Liz’s doorstep and forever alter her relationship with Red.”

In the second sneak peek (see below), Robins warns fans that her character’s motives are complicated and that it might take some time before fans understand her true intentions.

“You don’t really even know what she’s pursuing, but she pursues it with a vengeance,” she says in the video.

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But the Russian spy previously thought to be dead might be trying to reunite with her daughter Liz.

“The season ended last year in crisis, and the season opens this year in even worse crisis,” stated Spader. “There has been a lot of mythology that’s already been presented about Katarina Rostova,” he added.

Boone also explained that the return of Rostova is “going to dramatically alter Liz’s life forever.”

The Blacklist Season 7 premieres on NBC on Friday, October 4 

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