The Blacklist Season 7: When will the show premiere on NBC?

The Blacklist
The Blacklist has been renewed for Season 7. But when will it premiere? Pic credit: Will Hart/NBC

The Blacklist has been renewed for a Season 7 even though Season 6 is still going strong on the network.

In fact, out of the expected 22 episodes for Season 6, the season is only about half-way over, making this renewal an early one for the network.

Deadline reports that James Spader, who plays Raymond Reddington, had negotiated his contract for an extra year last year, the other original cast members had to negotiate their respective contracts throughout Season 6.

Given everyone is coming back to the show, including Megan Boone, Diego Klatenhoff, and Harry Lennix, it sounds like a promising Season 7.

As for a premiere date, NBC hasn’t revealed anything. Throughout Season 1 through 5, the show premiered in late September or early October. However, last year, the show was pushed until January 3, delaying the show a few months. Despite the delay, all seasons have had 22 episodes.

Season 7 could premiere in September or October 2019, but it’s more likely that the show will be pushed to January 2020 for a premiere date. Since this is an early renewal, it is possible that NBC will push to have a September premiere date to get the show back into the September show cycle.

Fans are excited about the news that The Blacklist is coming back for Season 7.

The Blacklist has seen several timeslot shuffles throughout its six seasons.

While the show started on Monday nights, it was later moved to Thursday nights. Deadline reports that throughout six seasons, the show has seen five different timeslots over four different nights.

It’s currently airing Friday nights at 9/8c. It’s unknown whether Season 7 will continue to air on Friday nights.

When the show was moved to Friday nights, fans worried that this could be the reason why NBC would not continue with the show.

Several shows have plummeted in ratings after being moved to Friday nights, but The Blacklist has proven that it can still keep a strong fanbase despite the new timeslot — so much so that NBC has moved ahead with a new season.

The Blacklist is currently airing on NBC, but the network has yet to confirm a release date.

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