The Amazing Race shocks after cutting Big Brother cast

Josh Martinez and Paul Abrahamian on Big Brother 19.
Josh Martinez and Paul Abrahamian on Big Brother 19

The upcoming season of The Amazing Race is starting to look less amazing after big cuts to the previously reported all Big Brother cast.

It’s not entirely clear what the CBS competition is planning after removing former Big Brother stars as part of their reality TV celebrity cast.

James Luling and Corey Brooks were cut from TAR according to a report from TMZ. Also on the chopping block were Big Brother 19 winner and runner-up Josh Martinez and Paul Abrahamian.

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Last season, Josh and Paul battled on Big Brother, only to see Paul come in second place for the second year in a row. After settling their differences, Josh and Paul were on deck to compete as a team on The Amazing Race.

It would have been incredible to watch but execs opted to cancel those plans before the unlikely pair were able to get started. Both were reportedly surprised to hear that they won’t be competing together on The Amazing Race as planned.

Not all the Big Brother teams were canceled though, which is why fans of the show have so many questions. We thought we were getting a Big Brother themed version of The Amazing Race this season, and now it looks like they are planning some sort of surprise.

Red-haired Rachel Reilly, who won Season 13 of Big Brother, is still scheduled to compete with her sister Elissa Slater, who joined the cast two seasons later. Da’Vonne Rogers from Seasons 17 and 18 will be teaming up with another Season 18 alum, Bridgette Dunning.

There’s even more news to share in this latest cast shakeup on the upcoming Season 31 of The Amazing Race. While many former Big Brother stars are out, Season 14 winner Ian Terry has been added.

Clearly, something is up CBS’s sleeve as far as the casting changes on The Amazing Race. It was reported that they are working on a new twist that should be announced soon.

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