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The Amazing Race recap: The watch it get nasty between Joey and Tara and everybody else edition

Scott and Brooke are surviving in the race, even though all the other teams, and fans, hate them

It was a double episode last night for the Amazing Race, and at the end, only three teams remain to compete for $1 million.

At the start of the first leg, Joey and Tara are in the lead, still super-bitter that Liz and Mike got eliminated because they were U-Turned last week by Scott and Brooke.

They have to go to an amazing bridge at the Corinth Canal for the first clue.

The Roadblock requires them to bungie jump. And then they’re headed to Hanoi.

“You got this, Joe,” Tara says… she can’t even look over the edge.

Matt is jumping for #TheBoys,

“Are you kidding me with this? The one thing I did not want to do,” Scott freaks when he sees the bungie jumping.

He gets all the heights challenges, and he’s terrified.

“That was horrible. I will never do that again in my whole life. If I don’t win a million dollars…” Scott says, after he survives the jump.

They pass London on the way out and she’s so proud of Scott for having jumped.

They all arrive in Hanoi together. Tara and Joey aren’t feeling well.

Everybody is jetlagged and looks miserable.

They have to find the clue in the square for a local dancers.

The Detours are Bamboo Climb or Window Design.

#TeamFun is first to the Bamboo Climb Detour. It’s really difficult, dragging bamboo ladders through narrow stairwells.

And Brooke and Scott are yelling at each other, again.

They have to switch detours because there are no more ladders.

Then one comes back, but #TeamLoLo snatches it out from under them.

I am so sick of listening to those two argue.

#TeamFun gets stuck in a stairwell. I feel sorry for them.

Scott and Brooke finally arrive at the Window Design Detour. They have to move mannequins. and dress a window. That doesn’t go well.

Brooke won’t stop yelling as Scott is trying to get directions from locals.

He must be mortified.

“I you to tell me what you need,” Scott yells.

“I needed you to hold the ladder,” Brooke screams.

Then they argue about who is doing all the work.

Brooke has a total meltdown.

Joey and Tara end up doing Window Design when Bamboo Climb doesn’t work out for them.

They lose their lead struggling through the second Detour they try to complete.

Tara misreads the clue, and they collected the wrong mannequins. #Oops

#TeamFun is the first to the mat, and they also win a trip to the Galapagos Islands. #TheBoys are second.

Joey’s collapsing by the time he gets to the mat.

“Alright let’s get some water over here,” Phil says

Tara gets nasty with Brooke at the mat, but she and Joey are not eliminated!

“They’ve been deceitful and devious the whole race. That’s how they’ve beat other teams,” Joey says.

I see Scott and Brooke are about as popular with the other teams as they are with fans.

There are only three teams left from the original competitors in The Amazing Race

Becca and Floyd are first out of the gate the next morning, headed to a temple in Vietnam.

They’re a disturbingly good team.

“What this race has taught me is that I have more patience than I thought I had,” Scott isn’t kidding.

His teammate Brooke is still alive. I would have killed her by now. #NotEvenKidding

They have to catch a bus so #TeamFun loses their lead when Matt and Redmond catch up.

Brooke and Scott catch the bus with #TeamLolo, but try to ditch Joey and Tara.

“We just made the bus by a minute,” Joey says.

And it was no thanks to #TeamLolo. The Amazing Race is getting vicious.

At the next stop, they pick up the Travelocity gnome they have to drag around the rest of the trip.

That always cracks me up.

#TeamFun and #TheBoys get to the cluebox while everybody else is stuck in traffic.

The Roadblock is a balancing nightmare that has crippled teams in the past.

They have to attach lots of shrimp trips to a frame that can be carried by bicycle.

Then they have to ride it to the judge.

Floyd tips over, and drops stuff off his frame, repeatedly. He’s struggling.

“Oh man,” Becca says. “I might have been better at this than him.”

Then he flips over on the road. Poor Floyd!

No way could Brooke do this, but Scott’s pretty fast.

Brooke whines and moans a ridiculous amount on the bike ride TO the Roadblock. #OMG

“Oh my god, you’re not giving birth!” Scott says. I agree.

Matt finishes the Roadblock while Floyd is still limping down the road, dropping shrimp traps behind him.

Matt sees the trail on his way back to the start.

“Man, that is not good,” Matt says.

Floyd thinks he can just drop off what he has – but he can’t.

He has to go back and start over. This could be the end of #TeamFun.

Becca’s beating herself up for letting Floyd do this one

“This is when we can get Joey and Tara out,” Becca screams to encourage him. No more Ms. Nice Guy apparently. LOL

#TheBoys have a serious lead heading to a challenge that requires them to row a boat using only their feet.

Meanwhile, Tara and Joey are doing the Speed Bump they got for not being eliminated last round. They have to collect wild duck eggs. Doesn’t look fun.

“I think I’m doing this one,” Matt says.

“Matt has two legs,” Redmond agrees this may not be his sport. You have to sorta wrap your toes around the oars.

Hang Mua Peak holds the finish line, and Matt and Redmond are ridiculously far ahead of everybody else.

London tips over and yells to Floyd for her. But if he helps her, he’ll probably lose some of his cargo.

London ask Floyd to help her, and he does, possibly causing #TeamFun’s elimination

Floyd and London end up walking their cargo the whole way. He loses some traps, and gets sent back, again.

London gets approved, because Floyd helped her.

Joey rolls in right behind London.

Floyd is exhausted. He has to lay down.

London’s bike breaks on the way back, and Joey blows by her.

And suddenly, Tara and Joey go from last place to second place.

The staircase up to mat is no joke.

Matt and Redmond are first, and they also win a trip to Costa Rica!

“We’re number one. Wooooooo!” Redmond yells.

Floyd’s suffering. Production has somebody holding up his bike as he chases missing shrimp traps.

They’re in last place headed to the finish when Floyd wrecks his bike into a tree. #Ouch

He gets going again… but drops his bike when he gets dizzy.

It’s kind of entertaining to watch Super Team Tara and Joey suffer through Row the Boat.

“Giving birth again. It’s twins this time,” Scott says as Brooke grunts through another bike ride.

Brooke and Scott are in second place headed up the staircase to the finish.

“We nailed it today. I am so proud of us,” Brooke says.

Say what? Seriously?

Floyd isn’t recovering. He’s overheated. It’s scaring Becca.

Everybody loved Becca and Floyd of #TeamFun

Tara and Joey finish third.

Floyd can’t recover his equilibrium, and he’s terribly overheated. So #TeamFun has to drop out.

I’m sad for them.

Phil comes to find them on the side of the road, and eliminate them.

I wasn’t routing for Joey and Tara from the beginning but they’re the only ones left I can stomach right now.

I’m hoping Karma takes out #TeamLolo and Scott and Brooke just for the dirty dealing they’ve done to others in the race.

Things we’re left wondering

How has nobody killed Brooke yet? Is she dying watching and listening to herself on television now?

Joey didn’t look too good after the first leg last night. Did he see a medic before the next leg? They’re all starting to drop as the final challenges get more physically grueling.

Will the mean teams unite against #TeamMomandDad or will good triumph over evil?

The Amazing Race airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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