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The Amazing Race recap: The Vanck and Ashton are marked for elimination edition

Teams had a break on a steamship cruise across Lake Como, Italy, on The Amazing Race

Nobody was eliminated in the previous leg of the race.

They start out this leg of The Amazing Race in Norway, but they’re headed to Italy.

Liz and Mike were last, and despite the free pass to stay in the race, they’re still arguing.

She’s screaming at him all the way down the hill.

Then she tries to make up. But he’s not having it.

“Alright, I’m sorry. Are you sorry?” Liz asks.

“For what? For you calling me names?” Mike asks.

“You’ve gotta understand that were in this together. We’re not Liz and the guy who follows her around,” Mike says.

They cool off and make up, but it’s a rough start to the next leg.

When Mike and Liz get behind, they fight

Tara and Joey are first to get their clue to Italy. But everybody is on the same flight, so it doesn’t really matter.

Scott is strategizing to take out Vanck and Ashton.

They seem to be everybody’s first choice for the upcoming U-Turn.

Nobody likes Vanck, or his partner, Ashton

“They’ve definitely rubbed people the wrong way. So all the other teams have put a target on them,” Becca says.

The Roadblock in Milan requires teams to ride around Milan in a dinner tram, spotting some words along the way, while they eat.

Tara and Mike are on one tram, and they work together and get it on the first try.

Vanck, Redmond, Floyd, and Scott are on the second tram, and none of them gets it on the first try.

Logan gets blocked and has to catch the third tram, but he’s not that far behind because the other four guys screwed it up.

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Tara’s the first to get the next clue. Mike’s second. Everybody else is riding in circles eating a second dinner.

And they’re headed to Lake Como overnight on a cruise steamship.

The boat is posh, with a buffet. They’ll overnight on the boat, and depart in order the next morning.

Tara and Joey get to the cluebox first, and there’s also a Double U-Turn.

But they’ve already U-Turned somebody, so they take a pass.

Tara and Joey tell Mike and Liz where the cluebox is, helping them keep second place.

Mike and Liz U-Turn Vanck and Ashton, and then Becca and Floyd U-Turn Liz and Mike to burn the second U-Turn.

Ashton and Vanck get U-Turned by Liz and Mike, on behalf of everybody else

“Let’s hope we’re not U-Turned,” Vanck says as they run toward the cluebox.

Not a chance.

The Detours are Make a Mold or Grab a Hold.

Becca is a climbing instructor so of course, #TeamFun heads to Grab a Hold.

It’s a climb up a straight vertical rock face, with a flag they have to grab at the top.

Becca and Floyd get sent the wrong direction by a local, and lose a bunch of time.

#TheBoys get to the rock wall first.

“Matt’s like Spiderman. He’s basically running up the mountain,” Redmond says.

“I love touching rock. It feels so good. So good!” Becca may break her fun meter on this one.

Matt’s first to the top, but Becca is right behind him.

Brooke starts whining the minute she clips onto the wall.

“I can’t do it, I can’t do it,” is her mantra.

I bet Scott wants to smack her.

“I don’t know which way to go, I’m very concerned,” Brooke says, about 15 feet up.

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She keeps climbing, then gets stuck.

Then she lets go, putting all her weight on the rope, and Scott.

“Scott, I really don’t think you have me,” Brooke shrieks, as she dangles.

“I don’t know what to do!” she screams.

Climb the freaking wall!

Liz goes up the wall, grabs her flag, and goes back down, all while Brooke is still up there screaming.


The Pit Stop is in a park in Tremezzo.

The Make a Mold Detour doesn’t look hard.

It’s just time-consuming.

Vanck and Ashton are in last place, and they have to do both U-Turns.

“We’re not going home til Phil says so,” Ashton vows.

But there’s literally no way they can complete both and stay in the race at this point.

Becca and Floyd are first to the mat. They ran right past Matt and Redmond.

#TeamFun wins first place, and a trip to Argentina

“Our guy needs some parking lessons,” Matt mutters.

Becca and Floyd also win a trip to Argentina!

“We were inches away today. We just gotta tighten up our game a little bit,” Matt says.

Vanck and Ashton are last, and they’re eliminated.

“For whatever reason, some of the other teams decided to get rid of you,” Phil says.

Um, they did it because they were annoying buttheads.

Things we’re left wondering

Didn’t Vanck and Ashton realize that literally everybody else was gunning for them?

Who timed out those Detours? I think the rock one took a fraction of the time that the other one required.

Can we get a muzzle for Brooke before she does her next Roadblock or Detour? Listening to her is painful. Scott must have really pissed off Karma to get stuck with this chick.

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Will Brooke be the new target next week, now that Vanck and Ashton are gone, just so nobody has to listen to her shrieking anymore?

The Amazing Race airs Thursday at 10/9c on CBS.

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