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The Amazing Race recap: The Tara can’t win a video game against a Korean teen blindfolded, using one hand edition

Joey has a rough time stacking cups quickly on The Amazing Race

There are only two legs left on The Amazing Race.

Matt and Redmond are first on their way from Vietnam to Seoul, South Korea.

“This is the leg that determines who is going to finals,” Redmond says.

There are four teams left. Next week is the finale.

Brooke and Scott are in second place. And that makes me a little sick.

“A lot of winners have never won a leg,” Scott say. “Watch out!”

Matt and Redmond take the subway in Seoul, and get ahead of both the other teams who took taxis. Til they have to change trains. #Ouch

The teams get the first clue from Korean pop dancers in front of a Gangman Style sign. Bahaha!

The challenge is sports stacking. It involves plastic cups.

This is a sport??? A talent maybe. Not a sport.

Brooke finishes first, before #TheBoys have even arrived.

Brooke and Scott have survived every leg, even though nobody is cheering for them

She and Scott arrive at the next challenge first. They have to make Kimchi. Yuck. I’m not a fan.

Brooke thinks Scott has started wrong, and she makes them start over.

Joey and Tara have started the Kimchi project too, before #TheBoys even arrive at the cup stacking.

Their cab driver took them to the wrong university, and they’re screwed.

Joey and Tara finish first! Brooke and Scott are second.

Only an act of God can save Matt and Redmond now.

The next Roadblock is a video game challenge.

Never try to go up against Korean teenagers on video games. This is painful to watch.

London has never played a video game in her life.

After a certain number of consecutive losses, they handicap the teenagers by putting a hand behind their backs. And they still win.

“I’m going to walk out of here hating video games more than I already do,” Tara says.

Then they handicap the Korean players again by blindfolding them.

London finally wins with her opponent one-handed and blind.

London gives 100 percent to every challenge

Scott is next to win.

The Pit Stop is on a river, and #TeamLolo is on their way while #TheBoys are still making Kimchi.

“How is he doing that if he cannot see me?” Tara asks, frustrated. She’s not getting it at all.

Tara keeps being beaten by a blindfolded teenager.

What if I can’t beat him? I just sit here all night til I beat him?” Tara asks.

#TheBoys finish Kimchi.

“I think they buried it because they were so disappointed in our Kimchi,” Redmond jokes.

Matt and Redmond arrive as Tara continues to struggle.

Matt has to do this one, and he’s young enough to actually have video game experience.

Tara mutters and b***hes to herself when she’s losing. It is hilarious!

This reminds me of the mask challenge when she muttered about being a working mom who doesn’t have time for crafting the whole challenge. Bahaha!

Matt asks a guy for tips, and his competitor says not to help him because “he’s good, he’s good!”

Brooke and Scott are the first to the Pit Stop. Ugh.

That puts them in the Final Three.

#TeamLolo is next.

“I am very pleased to tell you the underdogs are now that top dogs,” Host Phil Keoghan greets them.

“He’s blindfolded and still beating me,” Tara says, sooo frustrated.

Tara finally finishes– just ahead of Matt. But they have trouble catching a taxi.

It becomes a race between taxi drivers. And then a foot race.

But Tara and Joey make it to the mat first.

#TheBoys, Matt and Redmond, are eliminated from The Amazing Race

Redmond and Matt are eliminated.

Next week, the final three teams will be racing to the finish for $1 million.

I’ll be watching and blogging from vacation in St. Croix. And I cannot wait!!!

Things we’re left wondering

Where is KARMA? Shouldn’t Brooke and Scott be back arguing at the video game challenge?

Will next week be more physically challenging? Brooke won’t be able to handle that.

Do Brooke and Scoot actually believe the crap they spout about how fabulous they are?

The Amazing Race airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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