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The Amazing Race recap: The Brooke needs to pull up her big girl panties edition

#TeamLoLo better keep running because they’ve pissed off other teams in The Amazing Race

The Amazing race is leaving Lake Como and going to Venice this week.

#TeamFun is in the lead. They’re besties.

But not all teams are getting along.

Scott says having a partner like Brooke with a glass is half empty outlook is really difficult.

Scott’s daily challenge is talking Brooke off the ledge in The Amazing Race

Other teams are happy as clams.

Joey says Tara’s multilingual talents are helping everybody through the race.

They all boat up the canal into Venice, and it’s truly spectacular looking.

The Detours are Sing It or Bring It.

Mike and Liz have trouble finding the clue, and #TeamLoLo rolls right by them, ignoring their plea for help.

They don’t help Brooke and Scott either.

“There’s something shady about LoLo right now,” Scott says.

Mike’s pissed too because he and Liz have helped them before.

Uh oh, I wonder how Karma is going to feel about this?

Becca and Floyd are the first to do the Sing It. They have to learn a song, in Italian, and serenade somebody on a gondola.

It’s pretty hilarious. But they don’t get it on the first try. Or the second.

And they appear to be torturing the same passengers on each try.

Mike and Liz are worse. Cringeworthy. But everybody’s trying.

3rd try is a charm for #TeamFun.

Brooke and Scott pass Liz and Mike, but it’s close.

And they scream and yell at each other as they search for a water taxi.

Nobody else seems to be having any real problem.

I think everybody watching just wants Brooke and Scott to lose so we don’t have to listen to her anymore.

Bring It isn’t easy either. They have to haul huge trolleys of suitcases through the streets of Venice – up and down a zillion stairs – and find addresses.

I’m glad Matt and Redmond aren’t hauling my luggage, as they drop pieces up and down the stairs.

But they’re first to finish, and head off to the next clue in a water taxi.

The coed teams are dying on this detour because the suitcases are really heavy, and the men seem to be doing the bulk of the work.

The Roadblock is at a famous theater, and they have to make masks.

Redmond is already trying to get his approved before the next team arrives.

#TheBoys are beasts!

They’re not being real picky about the artwork on the masks either.

Mikey rants to Joey and Becca about #TeamLoLo while they’re waiting for their teammates to finish the masks.

“Throw a chair, Mikey,” Joey says, joking. But they all agree.

Matt and Redmond are first to the mat, and they win a trip to Grenada.

And they’re so far ahead of the other teams that Phil could have taken them out to lunch and gotten back before #TeamFun arrived in second place.

The masks aren’t easy for everybody.

Tara’s freaking out trying to paint her mask.

She doesn’t watch the demo, and bombs big time with her first try. So she has to back up and start over.

Floyd is next finished with the mask. He got in on the first try.

He gives Tara a tip on the way out.

“I don’t feel good about any of this, but I guess I’ll do it,” Brooke says when they get to the Roadblock.

That’s about as optimistic as she gets. Ever.

When Brooke arrives, she acts like a psycho, demanding the demonstrator stop and start over for her.

“I want her to start from the beginning. How do I know how to start?” Brooke asks.

“Sometimes you have to just put your big girl panties on,” Liz mutters.

Brooke runs around bugging all the other teams trying to get somebody to help her.

Liz is struggling too.

Brooke finished the mask in one try, much to the dismay of fans who are sick of listening to her

Brooke gets it in one try, putting her and Scott back in the race after the taxi fiasco.

Liz is last… and she and Mike already got one free pass.

All Mike can do is hope somebody gets lost.

And they do. But so do Liz and Mike.

So they’re still last. But it’s another non-elimination leg.

They seriously have a guardian angel.

Next week, they’re going to encounter a Speed Bump they’ll have to do to stay in the race.

And hopefully one of the more annoying teams will get eliminated.

Things we’re left wondering

Does #TeamLoLo even realize how many other teams are ready to kill them?

What was up with Tara’s mask meltdown? She got all I’m a mommy and in the Army so I don’t have time for painting classes and I suck at this. Surprising attitude.

The Amazing Race airs Thursdays at 10/9 c on CBS.

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