Terra Jolé forced to choose between Tonya Banks or Black Girl Moscato on Little Women: LA

Terra Jolé
Terra Jolé in a one-on-one interview on Little Women: LA. Pic credit: Lifetime

Terra Jolé has been dealing with the backlash over her controversial Black Girl Moscato line for quite some time but tonight on Little Women: LA, she is given an ultimatum. Tonya Banks isn’t okay with Terra’s new business venture and the name isn’t the only thing she has a problem with.

In the latest Little Women: LA sneak peek, we can see Terra sitting down with Elena to talk about the drama within the group. As Terra complains to Elena about Tonya and the wine drama, her friend chimes in with some real talk.

Elena tells Terra that she sides with Tonya and it’s not just because the name Black Girl Moscato is offensive. Elena explains to Terra that she stepped on her friend’s toes.

Everyone knew that Tonya was working on a wine brand and Terra even offered to cut her in at one point. Tonya wasn’t very happy with Terra’s initial offer though and balked when she heard what the name of the wine would be.

Clearly offended by the shocking name Terra picked for the brand, Tonya questioned why Terra would even want her involved at that point but didn’t bother to talk to her about what she wanted to name the product. Instead, Tonya decided to forge ahead with plans for her own brand but that only made things worse for her friendship with Terra.

On Season 7, episode 12 titled “Stage Fight and Heartache,” Tonya will finally make Terra “choose between business and friendship.” (Spoiler alert) it’s pretty clear that Terra gets her priorities straight and probably realizes that she’s not going to get far with an offensively named wine so she picks friendship.

Little Women: LA, produced by Kinetic Content, airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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