Terra Jole and her designer BOTH end up in tears on Little Women: Terra’s Big House

Terra Jole and Stephanie Ballard in tears on Little Women: Terra's Big House
Emotions get too much for both Terra and Stephanie on this week’s Little Women: Terra’s Big House

Terra Jole and her designer Stephanie Ballard BOTH end up in tears on tonight’s episode of Little Women: Terra’s Big House — after failing to see eye-to-eye over kitchen appliances.

Watch our exclusive clip from the Little Women: LA spin-off below, as emotions run high when Stephanie orders in a fridge and cook top that aren’t exactly what Terra wanted.

Looking around a Viking showroom after finding out which appliances have been ordered, Terra breaks into tears. She apologizes for getting emotional, but adds: “I just thought it was going to be different.” Samantha says: “Well that’s why we’re here, so we can work through stuff like this.”

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Terra then points at a cook top that is low enough for her to work on without having to stand on stool, but Samantha says it doesn’t come in the size they need for her particular kitchen.

In an interview with producers, Terra says: “We clearly told Stephanie that we needed a side-by-side fridge and a stove top with knobs at the front, but instead of fixing the problem she’s trying to convince us that the stuff that she ordered would work — and it doesn’t, and it leaves me heartbroken.”

But Terra isn’t the only one who gets emotional, with Stephanie also ending up on the verge of crying. She says: “The refrigerator and the cook top have been ordered and they’ll be here any day now, so this is terrible.”

With tears welling up in her eyes, she adds: “I’m going to cry. Cory [McCrummen] and I worked so hard to do this house so specifically to their needs, and Viking was our best bet. I don’t know what to do.”

The fact Terra and Stephanie are not on the same page means they will have to decide if they’re willing to continue working together to finish her and husband Joe’s house — of whether they should go their separate ways.

Little Women: Terra's Big House | Terra and Steph get emotional

Little Women: LA – Terra’s Big House airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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