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Tensions between Ragnar’s sons reach breaking point on Vikings

Ivar is often arguing with his brothers but where will that tension lead?

This week on Vikings, the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok might have secured the strategic town of York but tensions between them are rising.

Taking a city and holding one are two very different tricks but Ivar has a wise head on his shoulders and has a plan to hold onto his prize. Though he’s not much of a team player and finds it hard to share his plans never mind power with his brothers. Ubbe and Hvitsak need to decide whether they can live with increasingly assertive authority or if they need to leave. If they do the latter then could the sons of Ragnar end up at war against each other or will some distance give them perspective?

Floki continues his exploration of what he thinks is Asgard, but it becomes clear that he is in Iceland.

Floki continues his physical and spiritual journey
Floki continues his physical and spiritual journey

Though what he will do with his new found ‘paradise’ is unknown, will he set up home there or perhaps try to spread the word. Iceland also looks uninhabited but when the Vikings discovered it, there were already some people living there or at least there had been in the shape of Celtic monks.

Astrid has some big decisions to make
Astrid has some big decisions to make

Meantime Astrid, who was kidnapped by Harald last episode, needs to decide where her loyalties lie. Though she is less than impressed by her first glimpse of Harald’s home town.

We wonder if the trappings of royalty and Harald’s advances will win her over…

Vikings airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM on History Channel. 

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