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Teenage angst and broken hearts on I Am Jazz

I Am Jazz
There’s dating for Jazz and an abusive caller is identified on tonight’s I Am Jazz

On tonight’s episode of I am Jazz, the person who has been harrassing the family is ID’d and Jazz goes on a date with a boy.

The individual who has been trolling the Jennings over the phone is identified and Jazz’s parents cannot decide what to do about it.

The caller left a message calling Jazz a “tranny freak” and saying she was “probably too scared to answer the phone because you’re such a sissy”.

He went on to say: “A freak house, that’s what you live in. It’s a freak house and it’s a freakshow.”

The call upset the family and her brother seemed particularly concerned when he heard it.

Meantime, Jazz goes on her first proper date with a boy and everyone is wondering if it could be the start of something serious.

The horrible call the family received on I Am Jazz

Catch I Am Jazz tonight at 10 on TLC.

James Wray

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