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Teen Mum UK sees young Brits try to balance babies and clubbing

Megan arrives at club to surprise by friends
Megan arrives to a club night with her friends on Teen Mum

Tonight it’s the third and fourth episodes of Teen Mum, which follows some English girls as they navigate the tricky world of being a teenage mother.

On this episode young mom Megan gets a rare night out with a few friends to a club.

She gets a big surprise when all her friends show up at the night and the cocktails start flowing.

Megan talks to a friend in the club, both sitting
Megan talks about Dylan’s insecurities

However, her better half Dylan is left at home with the baby and he’s not so happy. He’s constantly messaging Megan to check what she is doing and it starts to grate.

She points out to her friend that she would never cheat on him and that he is paranoid because that is exactly what he did to her previously.

Dylan lying at home with the baby
Dylan is at home with the baby whilst mum is out clubbing

Also on this episode, Chloe and Jordan clash at the latter’s 18th birthday and Mia has a confrontation with Manley’s mom.

Tune it to see just how different or similar life is for single moms on the other side of the pond.

Teen Mum airs on Mondays at 10:02 PM on MTV.

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