Teen Mom franchise goes British with Teen Mum

Teen Mum star Chloe holding her son Marley
New Teen Mum star Chloe Patton with her son Marley, the “man of her dreams”

The Teen Mom franchise crosses the Atlantic tonight for the two-hour season premiere of Teen Mum — following four young mothers in Britain.

While we say “mom”, people in the UK say “mum” — hence the name change. MTV says in their promo: “The accents may be different, but the drama is all the same!”

The four girls taking part in the show, who all speak with various British accents, are Chloe Patton, Megan Salmon Ferrari, Mia Boardman and Naomi Konickova.

Naomi has a young daughter called Kayla, Megan has a son called McKenzie, Mia is heavily pregnant as the series stars, while Chloe has a young son Marley, who she calls the “man of her dreams”.

Megan with her son Mackenzie
A smiling Megan with her son McKenzie

Footage was recently shown to Teen Mom stars Amber Portwood, Catleynn Lowell and Maci Bookout, who offered up some advice for the new unlikely stars — and told how it reminded them of themselves when they first started out on the show.

Footage from the season ahead shows storylines centered around family feuds and cheating, all with a British accent to boot.

In the first episode of tonight’s two-hour premiere, we get introduced to the girls and their kids. The second episode sees Chloe and her partner Jordan go on holiday to Spain, while Naomi finds it difficult to let go of her partner Raphael.

Meanwhile, Megan’s mother confronts Dylan about him cheating on her, and Mia gets her first introduction to becoming a mom.

Watch the full trailer for Teen Mum below.

Teen Mum premieres tonight at 9/8c on MTV.

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