Taco Bell nacho fries commercial: Watch James Marsden in spoof ‘Retrieval’ sci-fi ad

Taco Bell
James Marsden stars in Taco Bell’s spoof ‘Retrieval’ sci-fi ad. Pic credit: Taco Bell

When nacho fries go missing from Taco Bell, something has to be done! James Marsden plays Danny Conrad in a new commercial for the fast-food chain, the man recruited to help get the missing fries back to where they belong.

In Taco Bell’s new commercial, the world is left without nacho fries, which are seasoned in Mexican spices. Like a sci-fi flick, the world stands still and Conrad is recruited by what appears to be government officials to help solve the mystery — where are the fries?

It’s believed that they are trapped in another dimension and Conrad has to leave his daughter behind to go find them, but he’s committed to bringing them home. There’s a hilarious scene where Conrad cries while watching home videos of himself and his daughter enjoying nacho fries.

The commercial ends without a conclusion, but perhaps the Super Bowl will give us the ending. Will the nacho fries ever come back to earth?


The commercial is clearly a hit with Taco Bell fans, not only because of the story surrounding James Marsden’s character, but also the fact that the nacho fries are back.

Twitter is already in an uproar over Taco Bell’s decision to re-release the fries ahead of the Super Bowl, with some saying they should be a permanent fixture. 

Taco Bell’s nacho fries are their signature fries seasoned with Mexican spices and served with a side of cheese sauce. The restaurant shared a picture on their Twitter account to get people excited about it.

The current Taco Bell nacho fries commercial doesn’t reveal how it ends, but it’s possible that the conclusion will be released during the Super Bowl.

We are going to guess that Conrad was able to bring them back, as the nacho fries are available now for a limited time.

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