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Swurfer: Where to buy backyard ‘surfboard’ swings from ABC’s The Toy Box

The Swurfer being used
The Swurfer combines elements of board sports with hanging out in trees

Swurf’s up! Get out the back garden and ride some imaginary waves on the Swurfer — a cool handcrafted wooden swingboard which features on ABC’s new series The Toy Box.

The Swurfer costs $129.99 and is made in the US from 100% hard rock maple. Each end is attached to ropes with handles and you can either stand or sit on its unique curved surface.

Practice your balance and learn to carry out moves as you swing, with a special non-slip SwurfGrip available for an extra $24.99 to make it extra sticky.

It was created in a bid to replace the bog-standard tree swing with something more exciting, and to allow you to combine hanging outside with the elements of board sports — without the need to leave your garden!

Swurfer founder Rob with Jim Silver, Dylan Lauren and Jen Tan on ABC's The Toy Box
Swurfer founder Rob with Jim Silver, Dylan Lauren and Jen Tan on ABC’s The Toy Box

Founder Rob came up with the idea after making a curved piece of wood for his kids to play on while they watched him surf, in the hope that it would improve their balance for the future when they could ride the waves themselves.

The Swurfer is currently available on the firm’s website and in stores across the US.

The Toy Box airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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