Swoveralls on Shark Tank: Will the ‘world’s comfiest apparel item’ get an investor?

Kyle Bergman pitches Swoveralls on Shark Tank
Kyle Bergman pitches Swoveralls on Shark Tank in hopes of snagging an investor. Pic credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

On the next episode of Shark Tank, Kyle Bergman is pitching Swoveralls, a clothing item that is part sweatpants and part overalls. Will the sharks bite on what has been deemed the “comfiest thing you ever knew you needed”?

According to the Swoveralls website, the latest clothing creation came about because the inventor himself wanted a pair of overalls made of sweatpants material. So he made them and now they are available to anyone who wants a pair… or at least they will be.

Currently, Swoveralls are sold out online and those who see them on Shark Tank (and use SHARKTANK15 coupon code to receive 15 percent off) will receive their new pair in 6-8 weeks.

Made by The Great Fantastic, Swoveralls are advertised as ” cool, functional, and extremely comfortable.” We imagine they would be as the sweatpants material would be incredibly soft, with a lot of give. They also feature the absence of a waistband, like traditional overalls.

Swoveralls come in black, navy and grey and are available in sizes ranging from XSmall to 3XLarge. They retail for $95 per pair so if you use that coupon code, as mentioned above, one pair would run $80.75 plus tax and shipping.

For those who just can’t shell out the full price but still want a pair, Swoveralls do allow Afterpay, which would break the total up into three easy payments.

When it comes to reviews, those left on the Swoveralls website are overwhelmingly positive, with many customers pointing out that the sweatpants/overalls hybrid is incredibly comfortable but also pretty flattering too.

Will that be enough to secure an investor on Shark Tank? We’ll just have to tune in and find out.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC. 

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