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Sweet Home Sextuplets Season 2: When will the Waldrops return?

Courtney Waldrop in a confessional for Sweet Home Sextuplets.
Courtney Waldrop is back with her family for a new season of Sweet Home Sextuplets. Pic credit: TLC

Sweet Home Sextuplets chronicled the Waldrop family as they welcomed six new babies into their lives. The Alabama-based couple went through a lot in the early stages of life with the babies and now, they are back for a brand new season.

When Sweet Home Sextuplets last aired, the Waldrop babies were all home from the hospital after some lengthy NICU stays. Now, viewers will get a chance to see what happened as the babies grew and what Courtney and Eric have gone through as the challenges of raising multiples have presented themselves.

What can you expect from Season 2 of Sweet Home Sextuplets?

As the babies are growing, there is a lot happening in the Waldrop household. Courtney and Eric have twins and knew what raising multiples would be like but there wasn’t anything to prepare them for six babies at one time.

This season, the Waldrop family will be celebrating the sextuplets first Christmas. They will also be taking their first vacation as a family of 11. With all of the prep that goes into big events, it is safe to say that Courtney and Eric will be kept on their toes!

There are also some worries about whether or not Layke will need surgery to correct his heart condition. That coupled with all of the ins and outs of raising nine children is sure to prove entertaining for viewers but stressful for the parents. Still, Courtney is determined to do everything on her own, but will it lead to her having a breakdown in the process?

Also, Eric and Courtney will be discussing whether to move out of their house or to add more room to it. She realizes they need more space and he wants to stay put but add on to the house they have already made into a home. Who will win that battle?

When does Sweet Home Sextuplets return?

The Waldrop family will be returning to TLC on May 28. Viewers have been anxious to see what has happened with the babies and their older brothers as well. Courtney and Eric Waldrop have shared the beginning of their journey with fans, and now, they will continue on with it.

Sweet Home Sextuplets returns Tuesday, May 28 at 10/9c on TLC.